Wednesday, July 31, 2013

“The international criminal court for crimes against humanity”

The recorded images on board surveillance cameras from the TTC could prove the police allegations?                                                                                   

WITNESS SAY: I DIDN’T SEE ANY KNIFE?                                                                                                                                                              The lack of accountability for human rights violations committed everyday by the police force on children, women, seniors, handicap, homeless and mentally ill people is part of the impunity, that flourishes in this country. Police brutality and public executions are tolerated by the government and the judiciary institutions –commit vicious atrocities; the police are not punished for their atrocious crimes in a court of law. This lack of punishment sends a clear message to the Canadian “Gestapo” police they can  kill, kidnap children or brutalize people in the streets, police stations and torture without fear of being brought  to justice. The media is part of this systematic vulnerable citizen’s suffering, of impunity for crimes against humanity in this country. Today the headlines from the print media are bringing > STREETCAR SHOOTING ‘Devastated o f ficer revealed? The constable James Forcillo; a police of ficer who was trained to brutalize and kill people, could show remorse for the public execution committed on Sammy Yatim? In the books of history are printed the atrocities committed by the “Gestapo Nazi Police” and the infamous “Operation Condor” in America Latina, where hundreds of thousands of people were massacred. These monsters, these criminals never showed compassion f or their victims or guilt for their crimes. The victims of Police brutality and murderess in this country, perhaps we can count in millions? Countless toddlers, children, women, men, seniors, handicap, homeless, public housing, injury workers, mentally ill people…with their lives slaughtered f or the rest of their lives?

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