Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Will Fantino replace Vic Toews as Public Safety minister?

See on You Tube...Julian Fantino reappears from hiding to attack the Charter of Rights and Freedoms on CBC

Will Fantino replace Vic Toews as Public Safety minister?


 “CANADA CORRECTIONAL AND PUBLIC SAFETY SERVICES DEPARTMENT OF HORROR”                                                                                                                                    The

Fascist Canadian media is silent about the Minister of Public Safety state of terror, practiced for years on civilians and inmates from the Correctional System. The public has the right to know, and to be aware about the clandestine tactics of torture, which the staff of the Minister of Corrections and Public Safety are committing everyday inside of the Canadian prisons on social activists, mentally ill people, illegal immigrants and others vulnerable detainees. Torture and Police brutality in Canada is real, is a fact; inside of police stations, courtrooms of law, courts holding cells, jails, shelters, in the streets and parks across the nation.

The Honorable Minister: “Tough – on crime” Vic Toews, knows about the existence of torture chambers in the Canadian prisons, designated to break psychologically and physically the spirit of social activists and others prisoners. Now the question is? This KGB practice will continue the next appointed Minister of Correctional and Public Safety Services? Police State! Tough-on-crime Toews quits government for private sector

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Will Fantino replace Vic Toews as Public Safety minister?  
By Joe Warmington ,Toronto Sun
First posted: Monday, July 08, 2013
TORONTO - “I admire Vic Toews’ tenacity.” — Julian Fantino
With the long-time sheriff riding into the sunset, a lot of people in crime and criminal justice are wondering just who will be riding in to be Canada’s next top lawman?
A former legendary police chief?
A solid minister of defence who could one day be a candidate for prime minister?
Perhaps a new, less polarizing, face?
Maybe a law woman?
There are several good candidates — and even more rumours.

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