Sunday, July 7, 2013


Listen to what they did.                                                                                                          Listen to what`s to come.
Listen to the blood.
Listen to the drum.
- James Fenton

WHO SHALL GUARD THE GUARDIANS? TO SERVE AND PROTECT!!!  It is better if all is done in a spirit of respect and good Faith! The vicious putrid judges and others who are working for the Canadian government institutions they have compassion, respect and good faith for my children, my wife and me? Now the world will know the state violence against their own citizens and our family, how brutal and destructive it’s with children, mothers and other vulnerable people. I will describe with evidence the full range of crimes committed by the state institutions  including intents to kill me at home, hospitals and jails, cover-ups, burglary, illegal wiretapping, break – in, disinformation, kidnapping, torture and state terrorism, obstruction of justice, perjury, altered or missing parts of the hearings (transcripts), fraud, conspiracy, and the general violation of domestic laws. Inclusive criminal behaviors from the police, social workers, judges, crown attorneys, duty counsels, court translators, and court and jail guards, these delinquencies impacted our lives and caused over the years family injuries in violation of the basics human rights (shelter, stripping unlawfully money, driver’s license, car and merchandise, self and family determination, etc.).
Police brutality, persecutions of social activists and murders committed against their own citizens in this country are well known by people from around the world. The fascist Canadian media is accomplice for the crimes committed by the Guardians angels, who see defending the weak (children, women, seniors, and homeless people) against the lawbreakers and state predators? The truth is, we are facing a racist and brutal police force that raises worrying questions essentially in the young members of our communities. We need the police force, but with a humanist responsibility; could be rewarded by the fascist media for their good actions of respect to civilians and maintaining the order across the country.  But until now the police force is an institution of brutality and terror that use the Gestapo tactics and racism against those it considers feeble to defend in the putrid courts of law.

I live in fear; I’m scared and shocked every day at all. You know my Honor’s, It’s true, the true, the only truth I’m terrified of this inexcusable police force at all. They are horrifying liars and 
brutes against me...
Reviewing the lawless police notes indicate Nadir is... Six feet tall, two hundred and twenty pounds, you know my putrid honor; I’m not a giant with that weigh I’m not a cruel, a sadist, a brute, a beater and a killer!!!
The truth is; my height is only five feet five, one hundred sixty five pounds? What flawless intentions of criminals, murderers and assassins. Over the years the police force labeled me, as a Violent, crazy….. Don’t blame me for yours unmercifully beatings and crazy killings.
I’m not guilty for yours savages gunshots, and venomous murders, I love my pets with my heart and soul, I did, I didn’t, I didn’t Shot and killed that poor wounded helpless deer around High Park, Can’t you deny and denied these are not my hallucinations?
from the heaven, God’s know, only god know my martyrdom, how I was pinned hundreds of times against yours malice at public housing, yours vicious precinct’s, at the courts, and jails So I’m scared of this police. “Brutal Police State” at all
Please don’t incite me, inflames, or provokes…. at home, in the streets, in the library or in the courts with my neighbor, security guards, in the trains anyplace, anywhere, wherever, where I am.
“Ferocious Police State”, you know me very well when I stand for my rights in the front of a putrid judge I bring evidences, facts, and never a callous lie those merciless lies, which belongs of yours Gestapo falsehood.
Nadir Siguencia
Next: Crimes committed by the police and its control.

Domestic assault, my officers Taliban’s assault! Put him down this son of a bin… and brutalize him, Cameras umm um inspect the room umm cameras looking around and around umm the camera is on.
Resting face down with their boots pressing my face down; the finger is pointing the other cop hands on yours guns? I see the wink the savage wink of two of them Gestapo winkle shows the mirror of my showcase.
Selecting now who is going to be my executioner… I feel and feel in my body the cold of the death… In my main are in my three sons, my poor unprotected sons, Umm my cameras collection save my life my only life.
Take the ff women to the police station (11 Division)and make a good statement met, or we can put on the street to work as a bitch now! A fragile, traumatized and panicked human been has to be terrorize and coerce by these bully sadist police...
Look the fear in her eyes and look her face no compassion sadist’s police?
Statement on video tape, videotaped at the11 Division precinct. My
accusation against the Gestapo police is real and factual and never afraid to denounce in the beloved, much-loved, court of the public opinion.

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