Wednesday, January 7, 2009


It is hard to imagine how the Children`s Aids Societies could torture our children. Every time the courts and the media turn the blind eye upon our cases. The children and parents who has been mentally or physically scarred at the hands of the Children`s Aids Societies workers, Metro Toronto Police and Family Court Judges, are forced to confront the horrible reality that it happens. Torturing children for political reason is even harder to accept or explain. Children are the most vulnerable in Canada where parents are in the front line. However, we have concrete evidence that children and parents are deliberately targeted. Torture in Canada is a fact. It lurks the surface of power is exercised without transparency and accountability. Society`s workers acting in the belief that they have the authority to inflict mental and physical pain, destroy our familes are a manifestation of power at its cruelties. When those who control a Society feel they have the right to insist the poor families and the opposition should be silenced?.

The revulsion that most political leaders in Canada publicly express about torture should mean that it is a fact for those involved in torture, whether directly or by association, to be apprehended and tried in courts for the vicious crimes committed.
Where are the Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Political Parties, theCanadian Media and Social Organizations.

UN Convention against Torture

This Convention, which came into force in 1987, prohibits torture in all circumstances, obliges states party to make torture a criminal offence under the own laws, and provides for universal jurisdiction over suspected tortures, including procedures for extrasdition. Insists that victims of torture are entitled to compensation and rehabilitation, and prohibits confessions or statements extracted under toture from being used as evidence in Family or Criminal courts.( Operation Miracle)

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