Wednesday, January 7, 2009


“What Did We Do To be So Be So Latino, Black or Chinese”

Police Brutality in this country is a term to describe the killings and the use of excessive physical force, assault, verbal attacks and threats by the police officers, Widespread, systematic police brutality persist in this country with authoritarian corruption of the ineffective and corrupt judicial system. Individual incidents of police brutality occurs everyday and is one of several forms of police misconduct, which include kidnapping and torture of our children, false arrest, persecution, intimidation, racial profiling, political repression, surveillance abuse and police corruption.

The police brutality in our communities in some cases is disproportionate, because of the differences of our race, religion, politics, and ours economic status. For many years various community groups have addressed police brutality and have worked to engender change in police behavior in our communities.
Racial descriminacion gets played out in law and the policies and practices of institutions. For example, it is not important if a police officer does not like you becuause you are Latino, Black, Chiness etc, etc. It is when he/she acts on that hatred way by arrassing, assaulting you or even shooting you that becomes an act of racial discrimination.
Racism is therefore an act of violence because it seeks to contain and restrict, the Human Rights of those individuals and comunity groups who suffer racist oppression and explotation, yet never before has it investigaded and addressed. The threat of police violence to miniority communities can easily be ignored.
Police brutality is one of Canada's most serious domestic problems. In recent years, nothing has blotted the Canadian imagination so starkly as the brutal beating of Kamak Direk at the hands of five undercover police officers, the sadist persecution of Nadir Siguencia by the Metro Toronto Police , the abduction and torture the Siguencia family 3 children at the hands of the "Metro Toronto Police and Children's Aids Society", the brutal torture of Eliska Siguencia at the Canadian Embassy in Prague, Czech Republic. were she was mentally tortured by several hours. this cruelty caused to lose her unborn six months baby in her womb. Eliska described the face and the smile of her torturer was brutal when it was directed against her from time to time and she was getting more scared and nervous.
This atrocious, experience changed her life, of course was terrible effect in her relationship, health, and family life......and trauma for years. Why me, why me, what I did, these people they killed my baby, my baby. You didn't do anything to let me stay with you, they killed my baby

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