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So long as the "Canadian Justice system" is founded on injustice, the function of the laws will be to defend justice. And this judges the more unjust and sadidts they are the more respectable they will seem
Crimmial law
Due Process:
Notice and opprtunity to be heard and to defend in orderly. Proceedings in court and benefit of the law for all citizens. By the rule of law. I mean a system of law, that protects the basic freedoms of the individual not only from others around him but also from the unrestricted power of the state. In practice it generally amounts to a constitution laws of general application.

As a brief introduction to our widely-ranged exahausted-experiences with actions of injustices commited by Canadian Court-Officials within Provincial Court-Rooms, I would like to start off by deposing the Provincial Court-Rooms, I would like to start off by deposing the Provincial Judges` highly detrimental and apparant wrongdoings and/or errs-in law, from which lurks/rests their following actions of;

1. Shrouding evidences so as to; convict the innocent or dismiss a Party`s claim/action
2. Positioning the party, to which "His Honour" holds prejudiced feelings, beliefs, and emotions towards, in a state of incommunicado so as to deny him ( party having been prejudiced against) further entitled legal-rights such as the right to;

1. have the Lawyer, to which he retained and who so-called represents him, fired or forced to resign as a result of that Lawyer`s neglect to represent his client and partiality against his own client due to a " conflict of Interest" or any other inmoral-natured ulterior-motive, may it be bribery, expediency, and/or etc.

2. depose/expose before "The Court" evidences which are vital and of great necessity to do so during Trial-Proceedings in order that "His Hounour" must consider them within the overall-field of the facts within the case in accordance with the statutes, laws, regulations which are set-out for the purposes that our Canadian Court-Officials must indeed abide by(, however, the"abiding" rule would, in my belief, apply for certain cases wherein contain [a] minorit(ies)/[y]; with the same beliefs, race, religion, position/status, and/or office and also with fetters, usually professional fetters in a manner in wwhich are synonymous with friendship and/or adherent-acquaintanceship which would cause Officials to perform any such action, based on loyalty for one onother, even if it means to break the "Rules of Law").

3. Defend himself as a Defendent/Accusedor defend his position, argument, and/or claim so as to; prevent a wrongful conviction and to enable the conducting of a Trial slanted further in the direction of a fair Trial with due process.

3. Denying to sign "Motion(s) or other Evidental Documents/Booklets indeed filed to "The Court" through the Court-Registrar by an individual because; the individual is reprensenting himself and the Judge's intentions are that the evidences of injustices by the Court-Officials continue to being kept shrouded and veiled from the Public-Eye, in other words, the judges play an essential role in the committing of 'Conspiracy of Silence[s].

4. Repudiating upon the request of a party, who; is Disabled, was denied Legal-Aid Lawyer from "Legal Aid of Ontario", and speaks the English Language at the level of Colloquial Linguistics, for an interpreter and Legal-Assistance.

5. Manipulation, perjury, and intimidation as attemps, which often turn out successful, to subdue the Party from deposing an outburst of evidences and relevant statements of discrepancies, inconsistencies, and/or contradictories exposing injustice committed by the Crown-Attorneys, Defense-Lawyers, and the Opposing -Party so as to have the advantageously immoral-opportunity to either; Wrongfully Convict that Party or dismiss that Party's Claim, Motion, and/or etc, depending on the type of case, whether it be Criminal, Civil, Family, or etc.
Judges or Tyrannies
Queen: This is something made up in your brain. Madness is very skillful in creating such hallucinations.
Hamlet: Madness? My pulse beats just as evenly as yours; its music is just as healthy. I've said isn't madness. Put me to test, and I'll say exactly the same thing, Which madness would avoid. Mother, for love and grace, don't give your soul that flattering balm, believing that it's not your transgression but my madness speaking. That will only cover the ulcer with skin and membrane, while foul corruption will work under the surface and infect invisibly. Confess your sins to heaven , repent the past, avoid what is come, don't make the weeds grow father by spreading manure on them. Forgive me for making this remainder of virtue. In the grossness of these morally flabby times, virtue itself must beg for vice's pardon. Indeed, it must bow and scrape for permission to do vice good.
Queen: Oh, Hamlet, You've cut my heart in two.....
Judge: Mary Hogan
Judge: Harvey Browstone
Queen: What I have done, that you should dare to use your tongue with shameless, calls virtue a hypocrite , blisters the clear complexion of innocent love;......
Listen to me, Your Honour, I come here to found justice and why are you treating me this way? I have always respected you. But never mind. Tha cat will still meow, and every dog will have his day, even if hercules himself tries to stop them.
In a near future I wll post evidence of our court hearings in the Provincial court-rooms for the court of the public opinion.

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