Saturday, January 3, 2009


Statement of Nadir Siguencia

Where should civilians turn when no one can provide elementary protectiion of constitutional rights? How can the public enforce thier own policy on those who put themselves above the law? Asking this questions is fundamental to begin a disscussion on the subject of "International Human Rights" The grim problems people face of Police Violence, or those who are victims of Children`s Aids Societies, like mothers of the Plaza de Mayo in Argentina under the brutal military junta and others victims are the result of the uses and misuses of force and violence by those wno control the apparatus of government and state agencies at any given time. This is something to keep and mind when we consider human rights and the endless struggle to preserve them. Isn`t the right time to dissuss the problem on national level.

For example, the course of actions chosen by the Metropolitan and the Catholic Children`s Aids Societies for revising the Public policy spelled out of statute is a clear treat to democracy and human rights. Parents are prejudiced and put the position of being second-class citizens deprived of choices and options available to the majority of the population. Children`s Aids is free from responsibility or obligations imposed on them by statute. Courts do not the rules and procedures proscribed by the civil process. False and fabricated allegations are admitted as fact without supporting evidence, contrary to the evidence act. The heavy weight of responsibility for the Societies actions are carried by the parents, who are ordiary people trapped in tragic situations.

Unfortunate victims of these atrocities are facing the severity of the emotional trauma connected to the loss of loved one`s, especially the loss of children. At the same the parents are forced into struggle wth the state. The process is beyond the merits of " CIVIL ACTIONS" but rather comparable to the kind of "prosecutions" performed by the Spanidh Inquisitions or German Nazism. It is financially and psychological exhausting to the parents and their familes. The state is at war with the families. Are children given a chance to survive the torture they experience at the hands of the GESTAPO" Caregivers of hell" Is to be up to the "scientists" to determine? Chances are about equal to surviving a "CONCENTRATION CAMP" Only the lucky ones got away. The government leaders and agencies who approve torture and the tortures themselves are human`s beings too. The too love thier families. They dont`t see themselves are villains but as patriots. They think torture they inflict in service of some " higher cause" can break the spirit of the children or parents. They refuse to recognize that thier victims are humans too.

Who provide the " Children Aids Societies" the right to revise the public policy and torture Civilians and Children? Certainly or hopefully, not the Public.

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