Friday, January 2, 2009



TO BE or NOT to BE

To be or not to be. That is the question. Is it more
noble to suffer stoically from the blows and injuries of a
whimsical fortune, or to battle against a sea of troubles,
ending them by opposing them? To die... to die is to sleep,
no more.....

Does Human-Rights exist in Canada?

Way of our Lives has decided that some fast review on Canada is in order. The Canadian Government set themselves as a judge and jury of every country, when their own is rotting. In the past years the Canadian Government denounced The Human Rights Violations which are occurring in Iran, China, North Korea, Iraq, Zimbabwe............ and other countries but they don't expose the mental and physical torture, malpractice, negligence, fraudulence, wrongdoings, brutal tortures and injustices. That they themselves commit from the public. All these crimes are perpetrated by the Children's Aids Societies, Metro Toronto Police, Judicial System, Correctional Services, "Regal Road Public School", Worker's Compensation Board and Public Housing...... These are the laws of Canada but since Canada was set up as a judge and a jury, journalists, reporters and people working for different agencies and government departments have taken it upon themselves to criticize every other country. In doing this, the mess that is called Canada remains sacred.

In countries around the world the "MEDIA" plays a significant role in denouncing "Human Rights Violations", however the same cannot be said concerning the Media in Canada. Ten of thousands of individuals especially (FAMILIES) have turned to the press, television, radio stations in order to denounce their horrific experiences, brutality and sadism, mental and physical torture and in turn, "CANADIAN MEDIA" refuse and stray away from their duty to publicize their truthful stories.

Daily the Charter of Rights is violated by sundry government agencies and in particular by the above mentioned institutions. Most victims of torture, judicial abuse, malicious prosecutions, wrongful convictions by corrupts provincial judges, unlawful search and seizures, malicious discliplinary proceedures and draconian immigration measures are poor and unable to get a private lawyers. Stand up now and fight for your rights.

"WAY OF OUR LIVES' has been denouncing about such brutality, pain and suffering of tens of thousands of people for many years in order to take decisive action to stop the human rights violations in CANADA.

Listen to what they did
Don`t listen to what they said.
What was written in blood
Has been setup in lead.

Lead tears the heart.
Lead tears the brain.
What was written in blood
Has been set up again.

The heart is a drum.
The drum has a snare.
The snare is in the blood.
The blood is in the air.

Listen to what they did.
Listen to what`s to come.
Listen to the blood.
Listen to the drum.

- James Fenton

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Valerie Guillaume said...

Nadir. what can I say? Keep up the good works. It is definately making a difference in the lives of others out there. You are one of the boldest people that I know and as you know, we have both taken a lot of heat for our roles in exposing corruption in this country. Where are they going to hide anyway? No one can hide from the truth right? My job as well as yours is to make the world aware of these kinds of situations that are happening here. How much more can they torture us or try to destroy our lives? How much more can they abuse our rights than they have done already? They have seen that we won't quit. They have seen also that we are a force to be reckoned with. Why? Because they have tried everything to breaks us and we are not broken. We firmly believe in the power of the pen. We believe also in the dignity that is also our inherent right as human beings. We will fight for those rights to be recognized and to be treated as we ought to be. Without oppression, repression or with any other kind of force that might be used against us. Keep on speaking about these things and hope that others too might see the truth of what is actually taking place in this society.