Sunday, January 25, 2009



This will be a story of a twelve years old boy who had been brutalized at the REGAL ROAD PUBLIC SHCOOL, by theirs Principal CHRISTINE VON AECH and VICE-PRINCIPAL, KIKI KARILIADIS who put- forth false allegations against my son and use my son as a acapegoat for racism and foul-play caused by others students from the above mentioned school. My son has been tortured by the Principal and Vice-Principal and been bullied by other students at the school. The psychological trauma my son is enduring has derived from the Principal and Vice-Principal Malpractice and unprofessional conduct. These above mentioned school officials are not merely acting harmfully against my son, but also to other students from that school. My son had been physically abused in many forms, he had been struck, punched, pushed, pulled, kicked, strangled, almost stabbed inside of the classroom in front of his teacher with scissors with the intention to kill, and was thrown and shot with objects, however, the SCHOOL PRINCIPAL CHRISTINE VON AECH, VICE-PRINCIPAL KIKI KARILIADIS and POLICE OFFICIALS, never intervened or investigated upon my son's complains and my requests/complains, and instead, the Vice- Principal, Kiki Kariliadis, from the above mentioned school had envolved the "Children's Aids Society" in order to intimidate my family so as to shroud the fact that they failed to conduct an investigation on the matter and to prevent my family from scouring our rights and to prevent me from protecting my family. These Officials have obviously committed and are still committing "Human Rights Violations". These aforementioned Child-Abuser's, as School-Officals, are dangerous and hazarduos for the communities and families.

The "Metropolitan Children's Aids Society's ruthless Intake worker Karem Clark and the Metro Toronto Police" were involved in this claims of child-abuse and barbaric torture and called by the father, Nadir Siguencia, to the Regal Road Public School in order to investigate and/or prosecuting criminal charges to the Principal and Vice-Principal, but; the whole family was intimidated by the Gestapo Social Worker Karem Clark and the police Who cover-up these heinous criminal acts.

The mental and physical torture of children in Canada is generally regarded as the most depraved and degenerate act, yet, in this country which practice torture. Children are certainly not spare. In our case my children became merely other potential adults of the hated race, to be destroyed. My children were and are the possessions, the most treasured possessions of the Principal CHRISTINE VON AECH, Vice Principal KIKI KARILIADES, CHILDREN'S AIDS SOCIETY and METRO TORONTO POLICE, and so the terrorization and barbaric torture of my children and the destruction of their potential is the powerful and paralyzing aimed at the whole family.

The ways in which my children experience and make sense of the brutal torture and violence inflicted on them by the above mentioned School Officials and Institutions; depend very much on the stage of their mental functioning, that they have reached. They took absolute personally, as punishment inflicted for something that never have done or have done his father a Human Rights Activist, denouncing the brutal "Human Rights Violations in Canada". To been tortured and see as the parents intimidated, persecuted, brutalized, afraid, attacked and helpless to protect our children from the tortures, all of this has a very powerful and memorable effects in our children, on the effects of atrocities on our children, and the treatment in our children, give a more in-depth understanding of the necessity of the long term work and the medical care to be done. "OPERATION MIRACLE", created by Cuba and supported by Venezuela, has now became an immense campaing of social and humanitarian worth. "WHERE IS THE CANADIAN FOR VICTIMS OF TORTURE".

This outlines of atrocities, sadism, perversity, committed by the School Officials, Metro Toronto Police, Children's Aids Society, against my children my wife and me, sound depressingly, when the information is extracted from every one of us. Yet Paul, Edward, Enver, Eliska, Nadir, all has repulsive stories unique to us and when this are brouht to life. We are unfolding the destructive effects of torture in ourselves, the family relationships and the communities in which we are belongn begins to disclose. This sooner or later leads to bring our stories been told to the Public. with the possibility of putting words to the bad experiences, letting the Public feel what it might had been like and taken in this horrific experiences of opening up without been abused.

This statement asserts the crucial needs to protect all the children with our lives from all forms of vicious torture, abuse and degrading mistreatment which can cause negative effect on their mental, moral or educational progress. These Crimes under International Law represent an agreement by states that the certain acts are so repulsive that the individuals responsible for barbaric crimes must be brought to justice.

All the evidence regarding these brutal crimes is in the Canadian Provincial Courts, Superior Court Of Justice and Ontario Court of Appeal.

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