Saturday, January 3, 2009

Public Housing- Hell Housing


The lack of public housing in Canada very fast is becomimg the most critical issue facing all the cities today, in Canada millons of people find themselves, at some time, in the streets without permanent shelter. For a multitude of people, and ten of thousands of families, housing is simple beyond reached altogether, and the numbers of homeless are growing even in ours wealthies cities.

Are different the factors contributing to homelessness and this situation we are experience to the extreme in our province of Ontario, and Toronto in particular. The increase the numbers of homeless in the past decades has been very great and, for most people , unexpected. Also is necesary to denounce the emergency shelters and others facilities are inapropriate and dangerous for the ten of thousands people, but nothing has been done to provide longer-term or permanent housing. Today homeless people prefer to die in the streets or to freeze under the bridges.

" The Hell of our lives in the Little Alcatraz"

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