Thursday, April 11, 2013


As well is part of the police and media propaganda to brainwashing some readers and viewers!  But it is impossible the world public opinion. Toronto Police 42 Division positively ticketing    Please see the footage release on "METRO NEWS"

                                                                 “NO MORE IMPUNITY TO THE POLICE BRUTALITY AND MURDERS”                               The police forces in this country committed numerous and serious human rights violations. Until the present time no any human right organizations or the national media, denounced or applied pressure on the Canadian government to investigate the crimes and bring the police perpetrators to justice. Also the mass media in this country play an important role for the impunity on police brutality and murders of deprived persons. Third world governments are bringing to justice the police and military who committed human rights abuses, but in this country the Media is helping the government and police force to avoid and hide the human rights violations. The article and lousy footage of “METRO NEWS” regarding: Toronto police to start handing out ‘positive tickets’ to Good Samaritans; is prove that the media helps the government, police and the judicial system to hide the brutal crimes committed in this country against specially minority people As well is part of the police and media propaganda to brainwashing some readers and viewers!  But it is impossible the world public opinion.

S this Article
Toronto police in Scarborough’s 42 division are hoping to build a better relationship with the public by issuing “positive tickets” for good deeds.
Instead of getting a fine, positive ticket recipients will receive a coupon for McDonald’s, Pizza Pizza or Mac’s Convenience Stores. Officers can issue them for any good deed they come across. During a trial phase of the program, the tickets were issued to a man who helped officers at the scene of a car crash translate until a Mandarin-speaking officer arrived, and to a man who located a missing elderly person.
Some recipients will be invited to take a survey online in order to be entered into a draw for a larger prize.
The project is the brainchild of Insp. Dave Saunders. In the aftermath of the Eaton’s Centre and Danzig shootings, police command asked officers to think of how to make communities safer.
By rewarding good behaviour and increasing more positive interactions with police, people will be more comfortable with the police and will tell their friends and families about the positive interaction, was the outcome in a nutshell.
“When I talk about participating in public safety it’s about calling police more often when there’s drug dealers present,” said Saunders at a press conference to announce the program on Wednesday.
“It’s about being witnesses, it’s about, when you’re being victimized, not being afraid to call the police,” he said.
Keishawonna Mayenge, a Grade 12 student at Étienne Brûlé, was the first positive ticket recipient. She had called police when she noticed a man who appeared to be sleeping in his car outside of Agincourt Mall, with his car still running. He was still there as she left half an hour later, so she called 911 and performed CPR, as she was instructed. She was later told the man died of a heart attack.
The positive tickets “will definitely make the relationship between the kids—and not only the kids, but the community—with the police a lot stronger,” she said. “They’ll trust the police more.”
Lekan Olawoye, who runs Toronto’s For Youth Initiative and is chair of the Premier’s Council on Youth Opportunities, called the positive ticketing program “a good first step,” but he’d like to see a more robust, force-wide strategy for engaging youth, which should be based on feedback from those young people.

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