Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Canadian Children are protected from the unscrupulous Judges and Private Companies Business? 

   CHILDREN MODERN SLAVERY                                                                                                                                                Blame the governments for indiscriminately jailing and destruction of children in USA or Canada. Building more super jails and criminalizing the kids, they are keeping going on the industrial business with the blood of poor. These two administrations are filling the pockets of private companies and authorities dedicate to control especially the neglected and immigrant children. The state money has to be used to build more educational centers and provide a quality education in elementary and secondary schools. How is possible that; in these two first world countries, the public elementary and high school education is below the average of third world countries. Also the aim of these two regimes is; to create more criminality in a very early age in order to keep this cruel Present-day children captivity.                               

                                                                                   Remember Ashley Smith: also the thousands or tens of thousands of unknown victims inside and outside of the Youth detention centers across the country.


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