Sunday, April 14, 2013


Are children subject to Mental cruelty by Government Institutions and societies?
Minds of children manipulated by chemical and physical monitoring of evil social workers!
Every day the mental and physical cruelty that small children endured at the hands of society’s workers kidnapers is far more than shocking and despairing. Tens of thousands of children every year endured the manipulation of fear as part integral of the mental and physical torture heritage of social workers and foster parents. The industrial business in this country, is the torture take by its small victims to the very deepness world of sadness and panic, these fear is used by tortures for its capacity to break down children.  Even more significant than the natural terror to be reunited again with the parents, is the psychological confusion that has been created by the only pens and notebooks protectors from the hell. In the last fifteen years I came across thousands of families, sometimes I interview them, I saw their living conditions, I saw mothers in a state of desperate madness, fathers unable to give a defense because of social worker’s, police and judges corruption. How many times I was touched for their love to their children, well-mannered! disciplined! mentally and physically healthy children belongs to poor and immigrant families. The mass media in this nation is part of the planned children industry, helping the criminals for the children and families destruction. If the Canadian slogan proclamation’s: LOOKING FOR THE BEST INTEREST OF CHILDREN” Please do not ruin children and parents lives, because from the tens of thousands of cases of child abuse, we can count only in the hundreds. Take these children, who need attention and love, help them with yours professional skills, Please do not submit to mental cruelty and drugging helpless children in foster care and group homes.            
"Canada indiscriminate and vicious practice of mental torture"                                                                                                                                   National Post:  April 12, 2013                                                                                                                                                                              child adoptions                                                                                                                                                                    That children have done something wrong to land in the foster care system, that we don’t really want to take them into our home, they’re too old, they’re too damaged, they’re too dangerous. That’s not the case.” That’s wonderful if it’s really been that easy for her family, but helping our children adjust, attach and heal from the trauma they endured before us is extremely challenging for many families.”

 Minds of children manipulated by chemical and physical monitoring of evil social workers!

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