Monday, April 8, 2013


                                                                                                                              “DO YOU KNOW A HIGH PERCENTAGE OF HOMELESS PEOPLE WERE RUINED BY THE JUDICIAL  SYSTEM”          The Prime Minister of Canada and other Provincial Officials have mentioned; that in the shelters for homeless people will be aggregated additional beds thus resolving that the homeless persons are adequately protected especially in winter.
The government, the provincial authorities, social organizations never have mentioned that a significant percentage of homeless people are losing their homes because the state institutions ruined their lives, others because of lack of social assistance  programs provided by the federal and provincial government. In this country the mass media, legal aid clinics, touting organizations defending the rights of the poor, are part of the situation affecting vulnerable people who would rather die in the streets to seek refuge in the centers of violence. Shelter workers, security guards and police are incapable to control those hells, and give a night of calm to those seeking protection from inclement weather. In third world countries governments and housing ministers have chosen to protect the poor, building a decent housing according to the needs of families, individuals and seniors. What is happening in this country with the housing program? The Federal Government or Provincial Primers cares for the fate of destitute people? Are providing a decent accommodation to families, individuals, seniors (GOLDEN crypts YEARS) living in the slums of public housing! It’s housing for individuals and families living with minimum wage? Wake up: underprivileged, wake up indigent people as well we have the legitimate  right to be protected under a roof now!

Homeless people refuse to be taken to the shelters because their lives are in dangerous and excessive violence not only by the others folks also by…

Whenever it is in our minds the word conscience; the rumbling is ravaging for the dogs and tyrants.

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