Thursday, April 11, 2013




Court of the public opinion; let us review the overwhelming evidence of Omar Khadr. He was only fifteen years old, wounded in combat, taken prisoner and transferred to the prison of Guantanamo. The Gulag of Guantanamo has a dreadful notoriety for human rights abuses, were prisoners brought from the Middle East are living under appalling living conditions. Evidence shows the detainee’s mistreatment, abuses, psychological and physical torture endured over the years at the hands of his kidnapers.  An extraordinary case of ill treatment, child abuse and torture imposed for almost a decade by his captors, prison guards, Canadian investigators, authorities and the absence of intervention by the Canadian government is Omar Khadr. During his captivity he was brutalized, tortured and forced to play guilty on crimes that he didn’t committed. Evidence shows it was the only way to return to his country of birth. Now The Minister of Public Safety is preaching that Omar is a security risk! Like a child soldier and his dreadful experiences in the (Bastille) Guantanamo prison? Yes Mr. Vick Towes, same day he will tell to the world his life as a martyr! Well documented evidence shows that Homar khadr is a scapegoat of racism prevalent in this country and a victim of the practiced Canadian government child abuse.

DID THE MINISTER OF CORRECTIONS IS DRUGGING OMAR KHADR AGAINST HIS WILL?                                                          

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