Friday, April 5, 2013


“THE INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL COURT FOR CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY”                                                                                                                                                       

                                                                                                           ASHLEY SMITH IS 100% A VICTIM OF THE MINISTER OF PUBLIC SAFETY POLICIES!                                                                                                                                 The Canadian mass media have an obligation with the society, with children, young people and citizens in general to investigate and denounce the crimes, no matter if these delinquencies were   committed between members of societies or these are state crimes. In this country we have a variety of programs, legal clinics that are financially supported and controlled by the government and authorities, therefore these media and social services are only in the service of who pays. For decades we are aware and know stories of horror, terror, suicide, killings or assault and torture can be found in juvenile detention centers across this country. Canadian prisons are overflowing with young prisoners, of which a high percentage are imprisoned for petty crimes or behavioral problems that require professional treatment. The government chooses to imprison, abuse, torture children and youth turning them into violent and hardened criminals. In this country there have been countless inquiries and has been issued countless recommendations in order to stop the guards and other staff  psychological and physical brutality, torture, lack of  medical care, provide decent meals for everyone, outdoors recreation…. It’s proved that the guards and other staff from the correctional system characterized them; by bulling, assaulting, organize the violence between  prisoners, abusing physically and sexually the  mentally ill, stealing the cantina (money from the inmates) and more… these accusations can be  prove with 100% of evidence. Ashley Smith is a victim of this brutal system, the Ministry of Correctional Services tyrants. 
                                                                                                                                             During the long years of her imprisonment she suffered psychological and physical abuse, an inconceivable cruel brutal agony at the hands of the Minister of public safety tormentors, that only God Knows Her! Let ask ourselves Ashley is the only victim in this country of anguish, distress, misery and agony of the Minister of Corrections? Let ask ourselves, are incalculable the victims inside or outside of the juvenile prisons; dozens, hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands? ONLY GOD KNOWS HOW MANY CRIMES WERE COMMITTED AND STILL COMMITTING EVERY DAY THE MINISTRY OF PRISONS WORKERS?
                      Carajo: Canadian Marxistas en trabajos de gobierno con un pasado funesto?

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