Saturday, April 20, 2013



THE CANADIAN MEDIA IS HELPING TO COVER UP THE CARNAGE OF CHILDREN AND PARENTS?                                                                                                                                 

“DOMESTIC TERRORISTS ARE THE CRUELEST CRIMINALS ON THE PLANET”                                                                                                The denunciation made on video by the reverend Dorian Baxter its plain clear and of a great interest for the Canadian public and the world to understand the crimes committed in this nation. Every year the Children’s Aids Societies workers with the financially help of the provincials Canadian governments and approval from the federal government are committing crimes against humanity on tens of thousands of helpless children and parents. To keep the industrial children business across this country, social workers from the Children’s Aids Societies with the help of the police and family and criminal judges indiscriminate are practicing the mental torture. Uncountable toddlers and youth in their care are psychological, physically abused, drugged and parent’s forced to follow harmful society’s workers practices in order to exercise total control in the families.  The manipulative and false statements taken from children are part of their vicious criminal work, as well the alienation of children from their parents. Corruption in the criminal and family courtrooms is visible, were social workers, police, crown attorneys, duty counselors and butchers judges are ready to ruin the lives of children and parents. If we have a judiciary system in this country! Charges laid by the vicious police and social workers against a high percentage of parents never can’t be proved in a court of Canadian law!                                                                                                                          Kidnapping, drugging and agony of children in this country are crimes against humanity? For how many years we can support this industrial children business an act of government madness! How many children and parents will be shattered for rest of their lives? These domestic terrorists are the cruelest criminals in this planet!                                                             

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