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Toronto Star: CRISIS IN MENTAL HEALHT SECOND OTHREE PARTS In crisis: Can Mobile Crisis Intervention Teams end police killings?CRISIS IN MENTAL HEALHT SECOND OTHREE PARTS In crisis: Can Mobile Crisis Intervention Teams end police killings?

PLANET!                  Toronto Star: CRISIS IN MENTAL HEALTH! - Or - CRISIS IN 

MENTAL TORTURE?                         Police with their brutal and vicious tactics of provocation and physical abuse in homeless or detained people, in the streets, parks, government institutions, private residences… could professionally resolve the “crisis of mental torture” which is patrimony of this country? 
    Our questions for the Canadian Prime Minister and the Minister of Public Health: Canadian children are born mentally ill? The Immigration Minister of Canada accepts and hosts newcomers with mental illness? Canadian underprivileged people are on the streets or mental hospitals, because the virus of madness spreads in the air that they breathe?                                                                                    
 "CANADA AN OCEAN OF SHATTERED LIVES"                                                                                               As I denounced on previous occasions, the Nazis showed more humanity with their victims; because by sending them to the gases chambers; was the ending of the suffering of their victims.  Canadian Torturers have proven to be more cruel and inhuman that the Nazis, because when they destroy the mental health of children, women, elderly, indigent people... the pain and suffering is for life. Canada is a country of mental torture, a place where are destroying innocent lives, a state where the government can sell and doing business with ruined  lives.                                                                                         

"Here is part of the police  Fable"                                                        TORONTO STAR / LAURA KANE
Critics question whether Toronto's Mobile Crisis Intervention Teams, under current procedure, will do anything to stop lethal outcomes. Mental health nurse Sharon Lawlor and Const. Peter Sidlauskas have been working together for a year on the Toronto Police Mobile Crisis Intervention Team in 54 and 55 divisions.
By: Laura Kane Staff Reporter, Published on Mon Jun 02 2014
An elderly man stands outside on a blustery April morning, shaking and alone on an empty residential street. Wearing only a light windbreaker and jogging pants, he doesn’t know who he is or how he got there.
“Do you know your name, sir?” asks Sharon Lawlor, a mental health nurse with the Toronto Police Mobile Crisis Intervention Team, as she gently wraps him in a blanket.
During a ride-along with the Star, Lawlor and her partner, Const. Peter Sidlauskas, soothe people gripped by paranoia and dementia. What they don’t do is talk down people with knives, or thwart suicide attempts.
Mobile Crisis Intervention Teams, consisting of a mental health nurse and a police officer, are one way the Toronto Police is trying to stem the tide of rising mental health-related calls. But the teams are secondary responders, do not operate after 11 p.m. and generally do not engage with people holding weapons — unlike in other cities such as Hamilton.
Canadian Media: Walt Disney Cartoon - Hitler's Children Education For Death?

The “Journalists from the Canadian media” should be brought to an international court of justice, for complicity in crimes against humanity. They should be apprehended, charged, prosecuted, and jailed, for the cover-up of brutal crimes committed by the Police, children’s Aid Societies, and the Judicial System, in vulnerable children and others.

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