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Canada Sucks, Major Nourhaghighi vs Canadian corruption in FaceBook, DJ Aligator
                                                                                \\democracy , Justice! Are nothing more than sweet names?
The Impunity of the crimes committing by the “Canadian Judicial System” ruins tens of thousands of lives every year?
The failure of the Canadian media for not to bring the truth to the public opinion, about the impunity of the judicial system to apply and  follow the rule of law in their courtrooms, the denial of justice for defendant people in the courts of justice; creates a climate where the judiciary can continue to commit human rights violations. The corruption in the judicial system not only is present on the justices of peace, but also in the crown attorney offices, because the lack to provide with a full disclosure of the charges. The duty counselors appointed in behalf of the accused persons, are only a mere representation of crooked lawyers who are working for the system and ready to commit abuses, of little help in the courtrooms. But trained to use the intimidation and threats against detainees; advising to pleading guilty in the courtrooms. (You know; never are you going to see your children again)
"The Judges are Butchers which not follow the Rule of Law." Of their Wood Hammers are Dripping Innocent bloods?

Tuesday, June 17, 2014                                                                                                                                                       the star.com Crime

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Justice of peace secrecy criticized
Government silent on details of 2012 disciplinary actions as experts call for reforms
Premier Kathleen Wynne and her government remain silent on the secrecy around complains filed against justices of the peace in Ontario. Neither Wynne nor Attorney General Madeleine Meilleur have responded to revelations that the province is slow to release annual reports in the discipline of erring justices of the peace.        As the Star reported on Monday, the most recent information available about complains against justices of the peace is from 2011. Before the Star inquired about the delay last week, the newest data was from 2010. The findings have renewed calls for action from the legal community, which has long pressed for reform of the justice of peace system.
Ian Greene, an expert in judicial administration at York University, said the lag in releasing information about complains “creates a lack of trust” and “demonstrates a lack of integrity by the leadership.”
Toronto criminal lawyer Daniel Brown expressed similar concerns. “It is important for the public to see that (justice of the peace) complains are being addressed in a timely manner,” he said. “Waiting three or four years to see the results of an anonymous inquiry … is unacceptable and does nothing to foster confidence in our justice system.”
Wynne’s office directed a request for comment on Monday to the attorney general’s ministry. Spokesman Brendan Crawley said the attorney general had “nothing to ad” in response Star findings.
Ontario law requires the Justice of Peace Review Council, an independent body that oversees disciplinary actions, to submit summaries of all complains dealt with in the previous year to the attorney general. The annual report is tabled by the attorney general and made public on the review council’s website.
Crawley told the Star on Friday that the 2012 and 2013 annual reports “are expected to be tabled in the upcoming months.”
Despite the vital role Ontario’s 345 full – and pat – time justices of the peace play in our courts – where they hear traffic charges, preside “It seems odd to me that there isn’t some legal qualification of some sort”

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