Thursday, June 5, 2014


    " JUSTICE FOR CHARLES McGILLIVARY"                                                                               

               Police: Torturers and Murderers were Not Born to Commit Blood Baths in the Streets of Toronto, in helpless People. Or to choke and Kill a Mentally Disabled Man for Nothing

The shocking manner how the “Toronto Police” approached, restricted, and killed, Mr. Charles McGillivary, is proving the acts of horror and terror that the marginalized people are facing every day with the Toronto police force and the impunity from the Canadian media. This case is a very clear example of the murderous behavior of the police, and the crimes which the police force are committing with mentally disabled individuals. Charles McGillivary, a mentally disabled man; he was walking Bloor Street with her mother, when he was detained, beaten, and killed by the police, for any apparent motive. This case demonstrates the murderous mentality for part of the police; and as well how they have been treating the poor people over the years, in the streets, parks, shelters, private residences… Police brutality is terrorizing people of this country?  Yes we are afraid of the police, we are terrified of their provocations, physical aggression, and to die under their murderous bullets. The responsible of Charles McGillivary horrific crime! Should be brought to justice, prosecuted, and imprisoned, for this crime.  

“Journalists from the Canadian media” should be brought to an international court of justice, for complicity in crimes against humanity. They should be apprehended, charged, prosecuted, and jailed, for the cover-up of brutal crimes committed by the Police, children’s Aid Societies, and the Judicial System, in children, parents, and marginalized people. 
                                 NADIR SIGUENCIA: BRUTALLY TORTURED BY DR. HANZ KREDER AND THE TORONTO POLICE AT THE SUNNYBROOK HOSPITAL                                                                                      

                            Canadian journalists: The Toronto police belong to the same school?

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