Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The CANADIAN mainstream media over the years have been quick to cover the international terrorism! "But they have departed from their duty to give coverage the domestic terrorism."

Canadian Regimen and Children's Aid Societies Terrorists:  “Truth is coming, and it cannot be stopped”                                                                                                                Edward Snowden                                                                                   
     Somali Children Stolen By Government Because of Parents' Broken English.
We warn you that this story is extremely disturbing and a great example of the mob-like attitude CFS (Child and Family Services) uses against good parents.
The government believes that children are property of government and simply a commodity, with quotas on the amount of children taken.
Guled Farah and Farhia Gelle learned the hard way when they moved from Somalia to Winnipeg. They were told by CFS that they weren't fit parents due to "broken english" and two of their children were taken from them when one had an accident and went to the hospital. When Mrs. Gelle was pregnant with another child in 2010, CFS told her that if the baby was born in Canada and not Somalia, she too would be taken away by CFS. However, as the laws of CFS work in Manitoba. If they were to go back to Somalia simply to have a baby and resist the baby being taken away, CFS would claim abandonment of the other two children in care which would stop the couple from ever getting their children back.
The parents have worked endlessly to follow protocols and take all the parenting courses they've been told to take. It has made no difference.
The couple has been told by CFS that if they go to the media or protest, they'll never see their children again. They've already gone 6 years without seeing them. This is a mob attitude the Manitoba government has, threatening parents that if they talked (or "snitched") they'd never see their children again.
They've done everything they could and can no longer go along with this charade. They now stand and protest outside the Manitoba Legislative Building every single day. They've spoken to Premier Greg Selinger several times with no answers.
Manitoba CFS critic and MLA Ian Wishart has been working towards helping the couple, however it's hard to fight such a beast of big and heavy government regulation. During this video you can see some of the conversation between the couple and Conservative MLA Ian Wishart.
Along with Josh Sigurdson's interview with the distraught (and rightly so) couple, Wendy Bowcott of 'CFS You're Fired' also spoke out during the video.

The Manitoba NDP will not comment on the issue and as they've told us before, they'd likely say "We're working on it" without any examples whatsoever.

This couple has nothing left. Their freedom of speech has been taken, their rights have been trampled and most of all, their children who they love dearly have been stolen from them making a place like Somalia which is plagued with violence and human rights violations look better than Manitoba incredibly.

We will be following up on this tragic story.
People need to be fired for this. Threatening, coercion and blackmail is NOT suitable of government. People should be protesting in droves against this disgusting practice.


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