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Canadian Mainstream Media Power and Mental Control!!

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Europe: sow what reap?
On Tuesday March 22, 2016 is a day that has been branded for Belgian society.
That day, grim and tragic, a double bomb attack against the terminal Zaventem of the capital of this European country and the Metro station Maelbeek, near the Administrative Complex of government of the European Union - EU - known as the "European Quarter "it mourns hundreds of families.
A heinous crime that deserves the unanimous condemnation, executed against anonymous, ordinary citizens, it has meant the death of 35 people and 250 wounded. An onslaught of terror, it deserves the same repulse the attacks in Ankara, Sana'a, Baghdad or Beirut, which in this case carries a formidable symbolic that beyond the tragic, abominable and condemnable must deepen
Brussels is, without doubt, an iconic terrorist target. I mention this concept of "symbolic" for terrorist acts have been carried out in the capital of a European country, an active member of the European Union, administrative headquarters of the Council, the European Commission and Parliament of the Community body - which also has a Strasbourg as the center of its plenary sessions - the main office of the President of the European Council - the Polish Donald Tusk - and the High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy - chaired by Italian Federica Mogherini - are also based in Brussels . This, no doubt, from the military point of view or to set targets of possible attacks turned this Belgian city in inviting white.
Belgium also is a member of the Organization of the North Atlantic Treaty - NATO - led by Jens Stoltenberg and Norwegian whose headquarters is also located in the Belgian capital. Military organization that has been active in interventions and air strikes against Libya, Syria and Iraq mainly. A terrorist attack this city, revealing daring and provocation aimed to show members of the main Military Alliance West, with participation in the countries of the Maghreb and the Middle East, where terrorist gangs takfiri operate, that terrorism root Salafist can knock your doors and no European city will be safe. The answer will arrive soon and that will mean more deaths in North Africa and the Levant, donate the main victims must count on civilians.
The bombings in Brussels and are responsible unsigned: members Daesh - and of which the terrorist organization itself has recognized its responsibility - not talking about a terrorist who has crossed thousands of kilometers to reach their goal, but a member of this group takfiri , who he lived in Europe and traveled probably Syria or Iraq and returned home with a whole Salafi ideological. Remember that an important part of those who compose takfiri terrorist gangs, come precisely from European countries. In the Belgian case, the chain of English news BBC in an article published in January 2015, based on information provided by the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation of Political Violence - ICSR - based in London, consigned Belgium had the highest proportion of fighters that nationality acting in Syria and Iraq. Five hundred assigned to the ranks of Daesh Belgian citizens - who are part of the five thousand terrorists who left Europe to enlist with the takfiri gang’s countries. Reasons for economic, cultural, opportunities, discrimination are elements that were announced in this article to understand why this decision to join radical movements likes Daesh and the Al-Nusra Front, mainly.
What authored by Daesh is almost certain but who typed the actions of the perpetrators? Who is behind these attacks? Who favors killing 35 people and leaving hundreds injured several Allah'u shouting Akbar? The stark reality and the lessons of history tell us that in times of shadows no hypothesis is far-fetched. Even if we take into consideration the possibility concerned a False Flag operation. Understood in the context of the recent statements of European governments - notably France and England - to increase actions and possible direct military interventions to fight, allegedly Daesh in Libya, Syria and Iraq and at the same time stop the flow of thousands of immigrants to Europe under the concept of protecting the security of the borders of Europe.
Faced with the above Is it possible to think that Western intelligence services and their Turkish partners, Israeli and Saudi members are behind guarded, controlled takfiri groups and let them make their actions more towards overall policy objectives? I do not rule.
The Foreign Minister Belgian Jan Jambon, on Monday, March 21, in such a prescient statement as tragic, told media after the arrest in the city of Brussels Salah Abdeslan - suspected of being one of the authors of attack on 13 November 2015 in Paris and the suburb closest to Saint-Denis that left 130 dead - that "it is reasonable to fear a terrorist attack in retaliation for the capture of Abdeslam which undoubtedly represents a step forward in the fight against terrorism, but It does not solve the problem. EIIL network - Daesh in Arabic is still active in Europe, France and Belgium ". Indeed such a network is not only active but fully operational
One day after these words, Belgian authorities, especially the Attorney General Frederic van Leeuw said suicide bombers detonated explosive devices, in Zaventem and Maelbeek, causing dozens of deaths and 250 injured. Criticism of the Belgian authorities and intelligence agencies were quick to express them. Especially because the chancellor Jambon himself had pointed out, following the arrest of Abdeslam last March 19 that "terrorist cell discovered could have been on the verge of committing an attack because we found a store of weapons during the operation that led to the arrest of the terrorist.”
If this was so why then the national alert level remained at 3 of the four possible? They will have to answer questions that the authorities of the European country as the days pass and there is more information. Recall that as early as August 2015 Daesh threatened to execute terrorist attacks both on Belgian soil as French. The promise was fulfilled first in Paris. The fear that Belgium was the next victim of a terrorist act was not far from reality and it happened with dramatic results. What will be the next target, which city you will find?
Since Russia has warned that the next target would be in Germany. "The attacks in Brussels are not the last, the next target could be Germany," warned the Russian senator Igor Morozov, former service officer Russian military intelligence, for who part of the problem lies in the policy of "open doors" of Europe ". Other views recorded that the next attack can target an English town, given the close alliance between this country and the US in the war of aggression against Syria, like Libya and Iraq, where the pair of its global military targets and strategic, they have dedicated part of their efforts to combat the takfiri gangs. The Middle English Daily Mail in December 2015 consigned the opinion of analyst Paul Cruickshank who says that "the intelligence MI6 suggest that British citizens who have come to Syria and Iraq to join the ranks of EIIL - Daesh in Arabic - is returning to the UK to launch attacks ".
So it has begun to speculate on this fear and throwing assumptions about what will be the next city on the Old Continent to suffer a terrorist attack, as they have also made known to not be clouded by the multiplicity of events and go to the genesis has allowed the emergence, development and action of these groups. This, with reference to the role played by the House Saud, the Riparian feudal monarchies of the Persian Gulf and the role played by intelligence agencies of Turkey, Israel and the very Western powers, which for the sake of their hegemonic interests have allowed the birth of these terrorist groups that fight today, seeking thereby to confront the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Russian Federation, major Western targets in the Middle East and Central Asia.
In an interesting statement, popular forces in Iraq, known as Al-hashad Al-Shabi, warned that the origin of terrorism in general and the attack on Brussels in particular is to be found in Wahhabism, sponsored by Saudi Arabia. "The real fight against terrorism is to fight to Saudi Arabia and marginalize their Wahhabi ideas," while the attacks were condemned in Brussels, the League of the Righteous as is known indicates that terrorist acts that have lived in recent months are the result "of the increasing spread of terrorist thoughts that drive certain countries, which are used by certain powers to achieve their own political and economic objectives"
That forces join forces to stop the spread of Wahhabism and demand that countries like Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia cease its support for groups like Daesh. position shared by the Islamic Resistance Movement in Lebanon - Hezbollah - which along with condemning the attacks in Brussels said that Western countries must stop supporting terrorist groups in the Middle East. "The fire is burning in Europe and the world is the same as some lit regimes in Syria and other states in the region". Meanwhile Russian President R. Vlaidmir Putin in message sent to King Philip of Belgium condemned what he called "barbaric crimes" and calling the global fight against terrorism, which it considers the most dangerous phenomenon in the world "effectively combat this global evil It requires the active collaboration of the world and all countries have to combine their efforts in this field "
From outside came also the first criticism of the Belgian security services. The Deputy Chairman of Committee for Security and Anti-Corruption of the State Duma, the Russian Dmitri Gorovtsov said: "The terrorist attacks in Brussels are due to the lack of quality work by European intelligence services. Special services of European countries and Belgium in particular were unable to stop this threat ... unfortunately the European colleagues - said the Russian deputy - they did not hear the recommendations of Russia following the bombings in Paris and was not established, particularly an exchange of operational information between Paris and Brussels although Paris was proposed ".
Wars of aggression, shelling, deaths and destruction have been a constant for countries such as Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq, Libya, as well as for the Palestinian people, among others, who have suffered intervention and occupation of their cities , submission to military forces commanded mainly by Washington, its European allies and the Middle East such as Turkey, Israel and the Casa al Saud, who have overthrown governments, which have armed militias that become later in terrorist gangs to which they will have to fight in a surreal remake of "ravens and they will eat the eyes".
Today, those deaths, those attacks have also found other destinations in host countries that are often the main actors in current international conflicts. It is therefore no coincidence that Ankara, Paris, Brussels, Istanbul are part of the long list of victims of terrorism, as it has been Beirut, Sana'a, Baghdad, Uagudugu, Garissa, Susa, Hasna, Tunisia, Gaza. Today, bombs, executions, attacks move with its cargo of death and destruction to the subway stations, train stations, leisure centers, European stadiums bringing up the maxim of who sows the wind reap the whirlwind. However, the consequences of these storms are usually paid by the population, the civil world, innocent men and women, who are killed under ideologies, beliefs, revenge or decisions involving their governments.
That society is today victim of terror must demand an explanation from their leaders and rulers, why have engaged in aggressive wars, military interventions have become once stable and prosperous States in parodies of countries, humiliated, criminalized and impoverished. Failed states call specialists conceptualizing destruction. Companies that have to demand that clarify and deliver timely and sufficient information about its support for the formation of terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda, the Al-Nusra Front, and EIIL - Daesh in Arabic - that at some point served their purpose hegemony and now turn their weapons against their putative parents.
Well they know that the authorities of NATO, the Secretary General of the United Nations, European governments and parliaments, live it and experience firsthand the societies of Syria, Libya and Iraq. These European companies today suffer the pain of death and destruction and which undoubtedly the world solidarity must also be challenged to their authorities. While expressing their indignation over heinous crimes must, firmly and loudly demand an end to the crimes against other peoples and respect their diversity. The companies today suffer from what people like the Syrian, Libyan, Palestinian, Yemeni, Iraqi, the people of Bahrain supports daily and chronically should serve as a stimulus for the world's people rise up and demand to interference and support group’s terrorists who sow death and pain of our world.
Europeans today are called challenged their governments, which are urging regimes such as Saudi, the Zionist entity, feudal monarchies of the Persian Gulf to finish once and with their support and support to Takfiri terrorism, other new mode European societies continue to suffer attacks and death. Yesterday was Paris, Brussels Today Tomorrow? It may be London, Berlin or Rome. If there is a vision and a global behavior of governments, international organizations and societies rejection of terrorism as well as isolate reviews and xenophobic and racist behavior as US presidential candidate Donald Trump who called to close the borders of their country, as yesterday called veto the entry of Muslims to the United States, you cannot think of a better world.
If you do not work to isolate terrorism and its financiers, their apologists and supporters, all that is circumstantial solidarity it is sterile. Being part of rejections or demonstrations where Je Suis Paris, Je Suis Brussels without flying is accompanied by Je Suis Palestine, Je Suis Beirut, Je Suis Je Suis Syria or Libya, it does not work. Otherwise we will be endorsing the hypocrisy and double standards. One of every four inhabitants of Brussels is Muslim, they, like the vast majority of the world wants to live in peace and be respected in their diversity, which do not want or Salafist radicals nor the hawks of Washington and its allies. These are our enemies.
  Canadian Mainstream Media Power and Mental Control                                                                                  
Canadian Mainstream Media Power and Mental Control

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