Thursday, March 24, 2016

Canadian repressive forces start massacring social activists under the false claim of mentally disturbed!!!


We have to condemn publicly the inexcusable murder of the social activist Don Dunphy perpetrated by the police officer, Sgt. Joe Smyth a member of the Premier's security force of Newfoundland. Also the intervention of the social networks across the country would help globally to denounce this heinous crime; furthermore the murder of Don Duphy should be investigated by an impartial human rights organization.  
Don was an activist on social media; he had more than 1100 followers on Twitter. His main focus was on the rights of injured workers who he believed were betrayed by governments and business. But he also stood up for anyone he saw as deprived by the system socially or economically. 
He not only campaigned face to face with the politicians for injured workers, he helped them negotiate an unfair and difficult system of paperwork and benefit denial.
    Sgt. Joe Smyth. 
Don was killed by a police officer, Sgt. Joe Smyth a member of the Newfoundland Premier's security detail in his own home. He'd come to investigate Dunphy for a threatening tweet. But Don's tweet was not threatening unless you consider speaking out threatening. 
Less than a week after the shooting Don was being portrayed as mentally disturbed. A portrait Meghan, Don's community and all available evidence disputes. 
Meghan wants answers as do thousands of Newfoundlanders. How did this happen? Why did it happen? And was it as many believe an unwarranted and possibly illegal act of homicide?

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