Thursday, March 31, 2016

Tortured, drugged & sexually abused: Canadian woman talks about her childhood as “Duplessis Orphan”

  Also medical experimentation on Canadian children for a long time has been practiced especially in government and private institutions. Physicians and psychiatrists enjoy complete freedom to act without regard to basic medical ethics, without any consideration; to accept that destroying the mental and physical health of children for rest of their lives.
Tortured, drugged & sexually abused: Canadian woman talks about her childhood as “Duplessis Orphan”
      #DOjustice: A horrendous crime against children that almost no-one knows about. It reportedly took place in Canada and lasted for 2 decades starting in the 1940's. The atrocity bears the name of Maurice Duplessis -the governor of Quebec at the time. His apparent corrupt deal with the Catholic Church opened a gruesome chapter in history- Canada still refuses to acknowledge. 300 thousand children became victims - babies taken from young mothers or kids taken mainly from poor families by Catholic institutions. The majority of them were sold to childless families or on the black market - the price varied from 40 dollars per baby-up to 25 thousand. The rest - who bear the name “Duplessis Orphans” - were sent to psychiatric hospitals. Quebec authorities and Catholic Orders apparently received government funding for each child treated in a psychiatric facility. Torture, slave labor, electroshock, beatings, drugs, sex abuse, lobotomies - these children were subjected to the worst things imaginable - while it seems the government and church made money. A lot of children died - and the way they were treated after death was no better. In 1999, a mass grave was discovered - 6 Boxes with over 2,000 Human Remains. It was dubbed "Pigsty cemetery", located next to a pig farm, which raised horrific speculation that pigs might have eaten some of the orphans' remains. Reports suggest dead children were also sold to medical schools for autopsies-at 10 dollars per body. A survivor of this shocking policy- Duplessis Orphan Clarina Duguay and her husband Rod Vienneau

Canada is a country of heinous crimes of grief and mourning, a land of human misery without any hope. “An ocean of human tragedy that their fierce waves drag millions of shattered lives.”   - Nadir Siguencia
shared this untold story.  


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