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Special attention: the testimonies of the court hearings are being altered in the court transcripts, also part of the evidence provided by the defendants or witnesses are incomplete in court transcripts.
Denounce: presented to the public with 100% of evidence...

Caligula, Hitler, Mary Blood…Canadian crimes, that never appear to have been learned.  
For many decades the mass media, the Canadian governments, and authorities, has been covering up, the heinous crimes committed in this country for more than a century. The genocide and crimes of lesa humanity against natives and immigrants from around the world could be comparable with the crimes committed by Caligula the Roman Emperor or Hitler the Nazi Dictator. Hundreds of thousands of natives and immigrants are survivors of concentration camps in this country, where we experienced horror, terror, torture and death. These state criminals are not only oppressors on helpless people on the earth; they are also hated criminals in this nation. The lessons from history where Caligula, Hitler, Mary blood… who were well known for their brutality, sadism, and savageries; do not appear to have been learned by the Canadian government, authorities, church, CAS, judges, police... Until the present time the government and authorities are still denying the genocide and crimes of lesa humanity – despite the overwhelming evidence, recounted and videotaped by survivors of genocide, and testimonies revealed for the victims of crimes against humanity. Also the evidences of the victim’s nightmares and their brutal treatment, at the hands of their captors and tortures, repose in the private files and Archives of Canada.

Hitler Holocaust: was a fierce dictator of Nazi Germany; according to an estimate he killed approximately more than 4 million Jews across Europe and this massacre is known as Holocaust in history. Hitler’s hatred for Jews people can be gauged from the fact that he tried to kill Jews all across Europe
Hitler introduced new methods of mass murder, he used gas chambers and death camps for the execution of Jews...

Caligula is known as one of, if not the, most despicable tyrants ever to serve as emperor of the Roman Empire although his reign is earmarked by cruelty, extravagance, and sexual perversity, it did not begin that way. Caligula was hailed when he first came to power, however after a serious illness; he slowly and steadily fell into the grips of madness. Caligula is distinctive because was a diabolic being famous for the murders and cruelties committed since it was able to kill or kill as he ate or while he held orgies. Caligula murdered his wife and child who were in the belly, because he could not stand to wait for the baby to come out.

Archbishop Baxter speaks at Queens Park

The Archbishop Dorian Baxter, who is also known throughout the world as "Elvis Priestly" speaks in front of Queens Park regarding the adversarial family court system and the need to end the adversarial system when it comes to family law. The event was organized by parents from Ontario seeking to bring accountability and transparency to the various Children's Aid Societies in Ontario.  

John Butts5 years ago

 I was terrorized by CAS in Orangeville for years while my two young daughters were abused and injured by their mother. No matter what I said, what my young daughters said, or what injuries showed up on my daughters Orangeville CAS spent more time discrediting myself and my kids. Now as young woman my girls can't stand their mother, they don't trust police, and think CAS is evil, corrupt and run by a lot of liars. Stay tuned the next torture victim and destroyed family may be yours. Kathy Mattinson 5 years ago

            Father Speaks About Ontario's Office of the Childrens Lawyer                                                A father speaks out about his family's experience with Ontario's Office of the Children's Lawyer. Canada Court Watch receives many complaints about this Ontario Government Agency.   

Bests: stop harassing my family by phone, if you want to contact me, feel free to do on my E-mail

Bests: stop harassing my family by phone, if you want to contact me, feel free to do on my E-mail

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