Wednesday, December 4, 2013


                                              WHO OWNS THE CANADIAN MEDIA
“Responsive leaders prefer knowledge and information to be spread as widely as possible among the population, because an informed public is necessary to govern effectively, independent thought produces original ideas and is the key factor by which we progress as a society. When independent thought is stifled society is and will remain stagnant until it is free to flourish once again.”                                                                     -Teresa Stover
                                           "CANADIAN MEDIA MANIPULATORS"

“Manipulators rarely advise you to seek new and diverse information or to ‘learn and research for yourself,’ it tends to be safer for exploitative and irresponsible leaders to keep their citizens in the dark; in their view less independent thought is better. Independent thought leads to an inquiring mind, a mindset that eventually leads to the questioning of authority figures, and that is the one thing that inadequate leaders do not want. When a leader discourages questioning of his/her leadership style, actions, and motivations, that is a sign that they have something to hide, that they may not be worthy of the public’s trust. A responsive leader welcomes and encourages questions from the citizens that have entrusted them with their safety, economic stability, and their confidence that a certain level of civility in society will be constant. Responsive leaders would be appalled, disappointed and disgusted if the public did not question such factors.”                                 -Teresa Stover                                            
            "Revealing the truth about the Canadian Media"

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