Saturday, March 30, 2013

Tyrants have not yet discovered any chains that can fetter the mind. - Charles Caleb Colton (What about brainwashing)


- Wake Up...                                                                     For months the Canadian media especially the print media has openly criticized the Mayor of Toronto, Mr. Rob Ford for some particular misconduct during his political career. We should ask their enemies, to explain the reasons why they destroyed the reputation and political career of this officer only. Evidence collected during years shows that our Mayor has been able to spray racial slurs to certain communities. To dislike the poor, especially hating tenants living in public housing, which it’s under their own jurisdiction?  Finally how we should catalog their faults and immaturity, small intransigence’s and venial sins. Spoken and written press is necessary to put greater interest, independence in yours daily news coverage, bringing the public the truth of the events, and thus achieved a better target. The governments of other nations have been building democracy for the people and their desires are; that the media serve the interests of the poor and dispossessed. It is the duty: to proclaim on radio stations, newspapers and television stations the veracity of the events at national or international level. The media in this country is only serving the government and the oligarchy? Helping to hide and denounce the atrocities committed by politicians, authorities, societies and the police. People and communities we have to pay attention only the case of the Lord. Rob Ford? We may impute the Mayor of Toronto for genocide and holocaust committed against children and parents! The Mayor is guilty for the corruption of the judicial system, judges, police and Crown Attorney’s slaughtering entire families in the courts of this nation. The mayor is responsible for the mental and physically torture committed in prisons (GITMOS) across the country. The cynicism of the media is creating irreparable damage in the mental and physical health of millions of citizens, adhering torture and killings by the police on the civilian population.

“MADHOUSE FOR THE POOR”                                                                                                         In this insane mental asylum babies are born a bit mad, when they attend elementary schools is half mad by their inability to read, write or basic mathematics, when the youth entered high schools are completely crazy forced to take medication.  For these reasons our government is expending millions of dollars in the world's biggest Great White North Madhouse.                           Tyrants have not yet discovered any chains that can fetter the mind.  

-          Charles Caleb Colton
(What about brainwashing)

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