Monday, March 11, 2013


                                            Ashley Smith was bullied, tormented, emotionally and physical tortured by the Canada Minister of Corrections Staff... Extra crime without punishment                                         
Juvenile’s survivors from the Canadian Detention Centers across the country have drastically condemned the jails living conditions that involve excessive psychological and physical torture. In many cases the result of these extreme brutality practiced by the jail guards on detainees, the prisoners are traumatize for life or even choose to commit suicide. The Minister of Correctional Services has to be found negligent for the supervision of the inmates across the country, to stop the abuse, cruelty and the harmfully jail guard’s torment tactics against the prisoners. Inside the juvenile’s facilities under the Minister of Corrections jurisdiction is a severe overcrowding, with prisoners sleeping in the floors; deprived of mental health care or rehabilitative programs; isolation for days, weeks or years; jail guards bulling, beatings, poisoning the food with medications. Prisons records around the country can show and confirm tens of thousands of cases of emotional, physical, sexual torment by the jails guards and other staff from the department of Minister of Corrections. Crimes Against humanity are committed by the prisons guards and other staff from the Minister of Correctional Services. These state felonies are for Coroner’s Inquests? Or these heinous crimes have still not been brought to justice because the government, authorities and justice system are protecting the felons.

Ashley Smith behavior could be resolved with counseling, but the Government, Police, Judges and Minister of Prisons! Looking for the best interest of the children resolved to commit a Massacre with Ashley Smith.
The corrupt Media, helps to give a false diagnosis of Ashley Smith. The Truth is: In Canada the mental torture is used to destroy, children, women and families in order to keep going with the Canadian system business.

Felons you can intimidate children and women, but never an innocent men, who survived the torture, torment and to be killed in the hells of yours prisons. Disclose my files, the tens of thousands of documents, why you are afraid of crimes against humanity?  

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