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                    Government must prevent Canadians from travelling overseas to commit terrorism: Vic Toews                                                                              Stewart Bell | 13/03/27 10:27 AM ET

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 The government has a responsibility to prevent Canadians from travelling overseas to wage terrorism, Public Safety Minister Vic Toews told delegates at a conference on violent extremism Wednesday.
Speaking as both Algeria and Bulgaria are investigating terrorist attacks in their countries attributed to Canadians, Mr. Toews said he was concerned about youths being lured into radical violence.
“Without a doubt, one of the greatest threats facing democratic nations today is the threat posed by ‘homegrown’ violent extremists — individuals who seek to harm others in pursuit of overtly political, religious or ideological objectives.
“We must actively work to prevent individuals from being recruited overseas to learn a terrorist trade, and possibly to return to Canada or elsewhere to commit further acts of violence,” according to his speaking notes.
                                                                         The Honorable Minister of Public Safety Vic Toews is requesting the Prime Minister of Canada; "Government Must Prevent Canadians from traveling overseas to commit terrorism

"Government Must Prevent Canadians from traveling overseas to commit terrorism” His pleading to the Federal Government is coherently and of special attention in order to put an end on the shedding of innocent blood. But the minister too, he has to make a complete demand for the terrorist’s acts and crimes committed inside of his own country by School of Americas Canadians.

The human rights violations in Canada are systematic and pervasive. The Canadian government maintains total control over the corrupt legal system; resulting in an indiscriminate and cruel judicial system. The lack of responsibility by the Canadian government means the crimes perpetrated by different government institutions, agencies and schools officials often are hidden from the Canadian public and the international community.

MENTAL ILLNESS!                                           The footage of Ashley smith is showing the treatment and torture endured for years at the hands of her tormentors?  

The most common types of crimes committed in this country are the destruction of our families by the vicious Metro Toronto Police, Children’s Aids Societies, Criminal and Family Courts. The brutal agony inflicted by these institutions especially on children, women and seniors devastate the lives of our families. Also the hospitals and rehabilitation centers are used as places of torture (St. Joseph Hospital) and slaughterhouses, (Sunnybrook Hospital).  The method to silence human rights activists are: arbitrary detentions, false charges, torture, criminal convictions and more. We denounce to the world the sick treatment of the mentally ill by the jail guards, who are using the most vulnerable human beings for the perverse sexual enjoyment of the protective custody inmates. (West Detention Center)

The Canadian torture is truth, we have black and white evidence and is required an impartial investigation by people, who are credible for example investigators from the international community. But until that time “The Canadian Shattered Lives” condemn the frosted fear, agony and terror. Canada is destroying tens of thousands of families’ each year with the help of their institutions and agencies. The Canadian Media is guilty to cover up these heinous crimes. 

MR HARPER MINISTER OF PUBLIC SAFETY AND MEDIA NATIVE PEOPLE ARE ASKING FOR THEIR MISSING SISTERS AND JUSTICE FOR THE CRIMES COMMITTED AGAINST FIRST NATIONS WOMEN BY...                                                                                                                                 


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