Saturday, March 16, 2013

The video on the blog shows that the Canadian System uses the same criminal tactic for their malicious family business

                                                                                  Really is unthinkable that the Prime Minister of Canada on the last francophone Summit of nations gathered at the Democratic Republic of Congo, during the general assembly stresses the question of human rights abuses, criticizing the record the human rights violations committed in the republic of Congo. When in their own country is funding the Children’s Aids Societies to commit crimes with families, also Mr. Harper is causing dreads and suffering of children and families under the savage sadism and brutality of the workers from the Children’s Aids Societies. When the social workers with the help of the police kidnap our children for profit, they are using the law of suffering, destruction and death patrimony of this country. Year after year tens of thousands of children are kidnapped and terrorized by merciless social workers, police and judges, tens of thousands of parents in despair wants to know the fate of their children under the evil foster care. Full of fear mothers and fathers have to face their false charges before corrupts (Slaughterers) judges, the terror, horror and frustration from the corrupt justice system is overwhelming real in our lives. Holocaust with gas chambers can cease the fears of traumatized wounded parents from the societies and state criminals.   .
MR. Primer of Canada yours remarks in the “CONGO” shows yours tyrannical hypocrisy and impunity of the genocide and gross human rights violations committed and committing in your own country. Stop the atrocities from the societies and government institutions and wasting federal money on crimes against humanity.    
“OPERATION CONDOR”                                                                                                                                                                                         GROUP HOMES: CHILDREN MENTALLY ILL OR TRAUMATIZED BY GROUP HOMES TORMENTORS? Remember the hell of Ashley Smith in the Canadian Gitmos. THE EVIDENCE FROM THE DOCTORS WHOM ATTENDED ASHLEY SHOWS, THAT ASHLEY SMITH HAD A MENTAL ILLNESS? Oh! CANADA; Group Homes are more brutal than the Juvenile Jails, the mountains of evidence from those hells is coming…

Please watch on you tube "Canada's Alex Jones" Dr. Judy Janzen (1-7) - Introduction To Judy. and Subject                                                                            

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