Wednesday, November 28, 2012


                AND IMPUNITY 
The Canadian Media is in Part Guilty to Cover-Up the Politicians Crimes                                                                                                                                         

The Mayor of Toronto Rob Ford; for a number years has been able to evade justice despite to have committed other offences which are well documented. In his career us politician he was making disgusting statements and demonstrated racial hatred against certain communities, their lack of respect and criminalizing public housing people including small children and mothers is part of his political personality, the disrespect for the opposite sex and confrontations with drivers from others vehicles is showing that; the Mr. Mayor is a fighter, the use of his cell phone while driving his car shows the respect for the law. As public figure and Mayor of Toronto the consideration and concealment of his crimes by the police and other authorities are noticed by the public through the years. Finally in a court of law the Justice Charles Hackland found Mr. Ford that it had violated rules on a conflict of interest, the public opinion knows the details of this accusation and the court ruling. The judge's decision was to remove him from office in fourteen days, but in the future could participate in the upcoming elections and can be reinstated in office. Mr. Rob Ford mentioned that he will appeal the judge's decision. His appeal will be under the same excuse; Ignorance of the law? Well, it is necessary to be aware of this “Courts Circus”. One more time it’s necessary to know if the principles of justice are applied in a “Court of Law” according to economic status, race, and political position.

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