Wednesday, December 5, 2012



                                                                                                                            NIGHTMARES REVEALED TO THE WORLD
The lack of accountability for human rights violations committed in Canada by the Children’s Aids Societies, Police and the Judiciary System remain in secret from the public and the International Community. The Canadian government and the Minister of Children and youth Services gives green light to keep committing crimes against humanity in vulnerable children and particularly immigrant families, until now the impunity flourishes in the mentioned Societies and government institutions. With approval of the Federal Government keep committing atrocities in the civil population, they are not punished for their crimes. This lack of denunciation by Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and other World Organizations makes to the perpetrators of such crimes that these delinquencies are not condoned by the mentioned human rights organizations, and Societies and governments institutions can make business with the blood of the poor families, terrorize, traumatize, kill and torture without fear of being brought to justice. Democratic governments of this planet, public in general and free press it’s time to ask for your help, to denounce the systematic impunity, the genocide and human rights violations perpetrated in Canada. The security for human rights defenders whom are threatened by the Canadian repressive state force because perpetrators of atrocities don’t want the world to know what they are doing.   
                                                                                                                                                                   LIES AND CORRUPTION IN THE CANADIAN MEDIA

We have severe problems until the date denouncing crimes being committed in this country by using the mass media; it’s at the service of the oligarchy or community press with government subventions. Patrimony of these media is the manipulation, lack of the truth and help for committing crimes. The problems which the public and victims of crimes experiencing in this country are very serious, because the lack of Canadian Media to spread the truth to the world, taking away the fundamental right with society. The Canadian media has no boundaries when they use the manipulation and lies to tell the outer world that in this nation it is practiced respect for human rights.

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