Monday, December 1, 2014

“When the Canadian Justice System Fails”

Canada is a country of heinous crimes of grief and mourning, a land of human misery without any hope. An ocean of human tragedy that their fierce waves drag millions of shattered lives!

A definition of justice for the Canadian judiciary: Justice is a quality or virtue of proceeding or judging respecting the truth and put into practice the right that assist every person to have their rights respected, which will be recognized as rightful or consequences of their behavior: justice must preside the core laws of a nation. It’s the right time to bring a definitive account of Canada, most abhorrent crimes committed in the courtrooms by corrupt judges, who knows very well they are convicting innocent people, and maiming the lives of children and parents for the rest of their life’s. The fraudulent Canadian justice system with the help of police, crown attorneys, duty councilors, and particularly family lawyers, are running a criminal business with excellent returns in the courtrooms, as well outside of their judicial chambers. Also with the so called absolutions! Welcome to Pardons Canada,” the government and the justice system are destroying overwhelming evidence, how the so called trials are presided inside of the courtrooms, where accused people are exposed to the unfairness of the complete judiciary system, because the lack to know the rule of the law. The continuously victimization of poor families and vulnerable people by the repressive forces, private corporations, and the Department of Justice, are bringing the most repulsive miscarriages of justice in this country.

The regime, butchers judges, and others "Workers from the Vicious Children Aids Societies," involved in these indiscriminate heinous crimes, they have to know: the open wounds caused in children, parents, and other victims of this system, will be open forever.                             

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