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Toronto Police brutality, viciousness, inhumaneness, among highest-rated city services: Jessica Smith Cross Metro news

Toronto Police Among the Highest - rated ...?
Toronto police among highest-rated city services: City Matters
                                                                                                                                                         Saturday Dec 13, 201404:01 PM GMT
It’s causing outrage, revulsion, and grief, to know that the city of Toronto and provincial politicians are feeling that the repressive Toronto police force is among the highest rated city services. Jessica Smith and corrupted politicians are supporting that the White privilege in which Whiteness confers not only license to abuse children and women, also to dehumanize and kill defenseless citizens daily. Police officers are hired with exorbitant salaries and sworn to “Serve and protect,” but police misconduct are present in the streets, police stations, hospitals, public housing ghettos… police brutality, harassment, verbal abuse, beatings of people, and unjustified assassinations, can’t be tolerated anymore. The Toronto Police department must have rules to prohibiting their police enforcers to commit heinous crimes, the police procedures should be reinforce them vigorously to serve and protect the public with fairness. Until now the police racist behavior, the white privileges to commit atrocities are present in the police force; why should we live in fear? Where the victims; are children, women, seniors, disabled individuals, and people from the poor neighborhoods.

Jessica Smith Cross Metro: Why did Police shoot this Teenager Nine Times Inside of the Streetcar?   
Toronto police among highest-rated city services: City Matters

Before taking office Mayor John Tory announced that repairing the relationship between Toronto police and the public is among his top priorities. Canada is a country of heinous crimes of grief and mourning, a land of human misery without any hope. An ocean of human tragedy, that their fierce waves drag millions of shattered lives. Nadir Siguencia                                                                                                                       But how broken is it?  
                                                                                                                                                      A survey conducted for Metro by MQO Research, found that, on average, Torontonians rate their police service a seven out of 10, making it one of the highest-rated city services.                                                                                             In the survey, only garbage collection scored higher. Respondents are more satisfied with the police, than with recreation programs parks, and much more than with road maintenance and the TTC.                   Police spokesman Mark Pugash said he couldn’t speculate on reasons for the high support, but said the rates of crime and violent crime in Toronto are low — even if not everyone realizes it.                                                He’s correct. Statistics Canada ranks Toronto lower than every other major city in Canada on its Crime Severity Index.                                                                                                                                                             “Toronto is one of the safest cities in North America, and yet every survey I’ve ever seen says people think crime is worse than it is.”                                                                                                                                            In Metro’s survey, 46 per cent of respondents rated police an eight out of 10 or higher.                               However, six per cent of respondents scored the police a three or lower. That may seem low, but it still represents some 150,000 Torontonians.   

POLICE BRUTALITY: Toronto Cops Tackle & Kill Mentally Disabled Man For Nothing

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