Tuesday, December 23, 2014

"Chief Bill Blair Handling of people and pet's in crisis" OR ATROCIOUS CRIMES?

We are here to help you, so let’s get started: do you need yours criminal record removed? (International Criminal Court Pardon/record "Assassins"

“Denouncing Crimes of Lesa Humanity Committed by the Toronto Police Force”
              To Serve & Protect!  The local police force has been using the motto To Serve & Protect; in order do harm indiscriminate to the poor families, vulnerable people as well as other folks. The excessive police brutality directed to children, parents, and killings of defenseless people has been causing public outcry. The impunity, the coverup, disinformation, unaccountability, corruption by the Canadian mass media to follow their principles to construct the reality of police brutality and executions of defenseless people are overwhelming and for the public to condemn. The truth is until the super guardians of the law and public order continue perpetrating aberrant crimes against the poor and helpless people, with the help of the authorities, no new report can help to improve race relations. Or until members of the Toronto police force, who committed crimes against humanity continued evading accountability despite the overwhelming evidence of their crimes will not bring any expectations for the public. The horrendous crimes committed by the Toronto police force, has jurisdiction at the International Criminal Court. Toronto’s next police chief: Five priorities set by the public
A new report details the expectations of the public and central issues for the next chief, including reining in the budget, improving race relations, handling people in crisis.
By: Wendy Gillis News reporter, Published on Mon Dec 22 2014
For Toronto’s next top cop, the bar has been set high.We are here to help you, so let’s get started: do you need yours criminal record removed? (International Criminal Court Pardon/record "Assassins"
Handling of people and pet's in crisis?
The Sammy Yatim shooting, as well as the coroner’s inquest into three Toronto police shootings were on the minds of people consulted. The issue of how officers respond in situations involving emotionally disturbed people carrying perceived weapons has become increasingly important during Blair’s tenure.
Respondents expect the next chief to continue to implement de-escalation training that would help officers avoid a fatal interaction, and also devise a plan to test the skills of existing officers, ensuring that training translates into action.
He or she should also be open-minded about partnering with other agencies to provide the best response during crisis situations. Responses indicated “it is necessary to sort out instances where police action is not the best option, and to try and find other ways of addressing the problem, such as working more in concert with mental health agencies and advocates.”
Respect from rank and file
Toronto police employees were “very clear” during their consultations: the next chief needs to have the respect and trust of officers.
“This could make or break efforts to successfully implement the chief’s vision,” says the report.
The next top cop must demonstrate that he or she has walked in the shoes of officers, whether in Toronto or another major urban centre.
Mike McCormack, president of the Toronto Police Association, has previously said it could be difficult for on-the-ground officers to respect someone who has never been a police officer in Toronto.                                                                                                                                                   Chief Bill Blair Handling of people and pet's in crisis?

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