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Toronto Star: Quebec Human Rights! - Or - The International Criminal Court for Crimes against Humanity?

The powerful that legitimize their privileges by heredity cultivate nostalgia. History is studied as a museum visit; and that collection of mummies is a scam. They lie to us the past as they lie to us the present: masking the reality. It forces the oppressed to endorse their memory fabricated ​​by the oppressor, alien, desiccated, barren. So are resigned to live a life that is not theirs as it were the only possible.  - Eduardo Galeano  

                                                  Toronto Star: Thursday May 15, 2004    Quebec human rights commission looking at what went wrong in Lev Tahor case

Quebec’s human rights commission will try to find out how the Jewish group Lev Tahor slipped through the fingers of its child welfare agency, police and courts                                                         Dave Chidley / THE CANADIAN PRESS file photo                                                                                                                           Quebec’s human rights commission will try to find out how the Jewish group Lev Tahor slipped through the fingers of its child welfare agency, police and courts.
By: Allan Woods Quebec Bureau, Published on Wed May 14 2014                                                             MONTREAL— How did the Jewish group Lev Tahor slip through the fingers of Quebec’s child welfare agency, police and its courts to seek refuge in Ontario?                                                                                             The province’s human rights commission will try to answer that question in a major study looking at whether the agencies that could have, or should have, intervened in the high-profile case had the necessary tools and collaborated sufficiently.                                                                        An aggressive child-protection investigation, which began last summer and turned up suspicions of sexual, psychological and physical abuse as well as children with health problems, prompted some 200 members of Lev Tahor to flee last November to their community in Chatham-Kent, Ont.                                                                                                                                                        “It’s a study that poses two questions: what tools were used by the intervenors, and are those tools well adapted to complex cases like Lev Tahor,” said Camil Picard, vice-president responsible for youth with the Quebec human rights commission.                                                           “So we take the example of Lev Tahor and we analyze the interventions in Quebec to see if they were well handled.”                                                                                                                                     By way of example, Picard said there is an interagency agreement that allows children’s aid, the police and other provincial agencies to work closely together on sensitive cases that will be examined.
Quebec Human Rights! O - The International Criminal Court for Crimes against Humanity?                                                                                             The holocaust of children and other crimes against humanity committed in this country; has to be investigated by an "International Commission of Human Rights." The Judicial Investigations, Forensic Investigations, and Human Rights Offices from the Local Administration, so far have only contributed to continue committing all kinds of atrocities. The provincial human rights offices are funded with money from the provincial or federal government; and were created to maintain impunity, in the violations of human rights, committed in this country by the regime, its institutions, and private companies. So far we have witnessed unimaginable horrors; as the destruction and agony of children, at the hands of government workers or private companies. The terror, racial hatred, and violence that imposed on children, and parents, by the Children’s Aid Societies, is manifested with cruelty, brutality and savagery. The atrocities committed against defenseless children, by the fraudulent, Children's Aid Societies, must be investigated, by independent international human rights organizations. In this country, the "Children’s Protection Services", have been committing for almost a century heinous crimes. The human rights violations committed in this country should be carried to the "International Court of Justice”.
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