Sunday, May 4, 2014

Children's Aid Society's: Are two Mafias of Dangerous Criminals!

The violation of one family's parental rights is a violation to all. Family Law is a multi-billion profit center for lawyers and judges. They could care less about the destruction of families and the next generation of children.
   Children who survived: “The holocaust of the Children’s Aid Societies": Are children with psychological and physical scars. Children who are living their own nightmares, their bad dreams imposed by their vicious captors! Children who are struggling every day, for survival of a normal life?                                                         Next…                                                                                    

The Nazis and their Atrocities Mrs. Minister: An International Tribunal of Justice for Crimes Against Humanity!!!                                                                                                                                       Victims of holocaust of the “Children's Aid Societies", are stories filled with fear and suffering, both emotionally and physically. Every Child were marked for their destruction simply because he or she, are belonging to the family industrial business, administrated by the workers from the societies. 

Víctimas del holocausto de las "sociedades de socorro de los niños", son historias llenas de miedo y sufrimiento, tanto emocional como físicamente. Todos los niños fueron marcados por estas instituciones privadas para su destrucción, simplemente porque él o ella, son pertenecientes a  la clase marginada, y son parte de sus empresas industriales de la familia, negocios criminales, administrados por los trabajadores de las sociedades.                                                                                                                             

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