Monday, May 26, 2014


Toronto Police: Play, brutalize, torture, my children and my family? or execute to me Now!!!
CANADIAN MEDIA: Don't ask me if the deer was brutally beaten, or if at the time of the injury the animal was holding a "Rambo" knife. I can't give any information about the number of charges that were made by the police, and if was taken to the hospital for psychological assessment; medical examination to cover-up the brutal beatings against the detainees. Please these questions are for the judges!!! Anyway the video recording is showing; the lack of compassion, cruelty, brutality, the viciousness of the “ASSASSINS”, and extrajudicial executions committed by the police in marginalized people and animals.                                                                                
 kimberly deshane 6 months ago  omg........I fucking hope all you cops........DIE.........THAT WAS NOT RIGHT......YOU PIG KILL WHAT EVER YOU LIKE.......................LIKE MY DOG TOO.........ROTE IN HELL.................PIGS

Marshal Milford That's not right. What a rotten lie it is to say animal services could not come. That's murder. They could have done better.
darthfoo                                                                                                                                          The way that animal was treated was disgusting. Completely robbed an animal of all it's dignity in it's last moments of life. Made worse only by the fact that the deer could have EASILY recovered with the proper care daniel7899999                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Terrible. The animal looked like it was okay. It could have made it.
a waste of oxygen.                                                                                                                                                                          CANADIAN MEDIA: “Police forces in this Country are a Serious Threat to the Lives of our Children and Helpless Animals”.

Adolf Hitler with his killing machinery: the "Gestapo", abused, tortured and led to the gas chambers millions of Jews in the “Nazi” concentration camps”
In Canada the Prime Ministers of turn, used the repressive police forces to suppress, brutalize,

torture, and commit public executions, especially in people of the marginalized communities. The Police enjoy the protection of the government, and the justice system, to maintain secret places for the use of torture. These infernos are located in prestigious hospitals, police stations, prisons, and other government institutions. The videos displayed on the website, exposes to the public, the excessive cruelty, brutality, savagery of the pain and suffering of children and youths, under the protection of the police force, and the fate of the animals who are under the care and protection of the police.


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