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 The vilest mistake which can commit a tyrant is to torment in mind, body, and soul helpless children, and to bring to the sight of a soldier of thousands battles.
. - Nadir Siguencia 

Canadian Media: Why Are So Many Violent State Delinquents and Children’s Aid Societies Criminals Walking Free?"                    

“Some of Canada’s Worst and most known serial killers?” Everything your about to read here in Canada’s 6 Most Brutal Serial Killers has all been fully researched and all you read here is the facts. No lies, stretching the truth or making up stories, all these events did take place and stand out to be some of Canada’s worst crimes ever committed against other human beings. Like any other country in the world, Canada has its own dark secrets and has produced its fair share of sick serial killers but how many of you have heard about them?

Robert Pickton - Clifford Olson - Paul Bernardo - Marc Lepine - John Martin  Crawford - Michal Wayne McGray…
                                                                         The government can confiscate your children for any reason or no reason at all. Your children are property of the state and you are only their breeding bed. Your kids can be confiscated even before they are born, if the Marxists don't like you.
On the other hand mothers get away with killings of their newborns and female teachers get away with sexual abuses of students on nearly daily basis. Why aren't the state and its social services outraged with these crimes and serious abuses of children? Maybe because in these cases there are NO CHILDREN TO CONFISCATE and no families to break up, this full-length documentary on the Child Protection Industry comprises of government propaganda materials and news footages on the atrocities and corruption of service providers.

First man in Ontario to successfully sue the CAS 
Archbishop Baxter describes his story of persecution at the hands of the workers with the Durham CAS and how the CAS continued to spend tax dollars from the citizens of Ontario to find him guilty even though the CAS workers knew he was innocent.

Dorian Baxter was the first man in Ontario to successfully sue the CAS and won by proving the CAS acted in bad faith and deliberately mislead the courts (This shows the power of RECORDING the CAS)

Canadian Media: Why Are So Many Violent State Delinquents and Children’s Aid Societies Criminals Walking Free?"                                  
Police: stop the intimidation against me and my family!!!                                                                                                                            

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