Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Can We Trust the Corrupted Canadian News Media?

Ontario Premier: Mrs. Katheleen Wynne, something horrifying is happening in Toronto and across the province? Please ask the “CTV” journalists!
                                  Crimes Against Humanity?


                               “Canada Mass Media Accomplice of Crimes of Lesa Humanity”                                                                                Many of us doubt what we are watching, hearing, or reading every day in the corrupted Canadian mass media. How much we can trust to the journalists, they are bringing the news reports of television, radio and newspapers with accuracy, fairness, and integrity? The answer is not!  In this country the mass media are very powerful corporations at the service of the government, their institutions and the bourgeoisie.  These Canadian enterprises, are designated to exert strong influence on their stories covered and the public, even if the facts presented for the audience and readers are not truthful. The main objective of the media and journalists in this country is to manipulate with the same news again and again deceiving the public. In the recent months the Canadian journalism is in decay; journalists from these corrupted Canadian media, in arranging facts and publicizing only the private life of the Mayor Rob Ford; they are trying to exclude the unresolved and serious crimes committed in this nation by other politicians, police, and judiciary. The journalists in this country are protecting the state criminals and hiding the human rights violations which the police, societies (CAS), judiciary, and the correctional system, are committing every single day with total impunity.  

Children’s Aid Societies: Are Shredding Children and Parents without Mercy!

        Do you believe everything we watch, read, or listen in the Canadian Media?

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