Monday, January 27, 2014

Can We Trust the Corrupted Canadian News Media?

CANADIAN REGIME FREE OMAR KHADR FREE...                                                                                                                                                                                    

The estrange  interview released by George Strombolopolous on CBC  Television, to the sergeant Layne Morris is showing the lack of morals and his prejudice against a vulnerable child soldier. But anyway the USA sergeant, brought for the viewers important and accurate evidence about Omar Khadr innocence in the death of the sergeant Christopher Speer. 

CANADIAN MEDIA: Omar Khadr was fifteen years old child soldier     protected under international and humanitarian law?


                                                                                                                                                                                                           Since the capture of Omar Khadr in Afghanistan, until his return to the Gitmos prisons of Canada, journalists from the Canadian media have been hiding important facts, vital information from the public knowledge.  As his incarceration at the feared Guantanamo Bay prison, where many detainees surrendered to the brutal torture received at the hands of his captors. As well the young Omar, he was submitted to coercion for years, under the use of psychological, physical pressure, and threats to play guilty as a last option for his return to a Canadian prisons. The evidence is showing; when he was captured in Afghanistan, that he was only fifteen years old, a child soldier protected under international and humanitarian law, a translator for the group of defenders, and he was not the only survivor in the incursion made by the USA soldiers in the afghan base camp.  Also over the years Omar Khadr denied to their abductors, inclusive to the Canadian interrogators that he was not the person who throws the grenade that killed the sergeant Speer. But the Canadian Regime in complicity with the Minister of Correctional Services and the Law Enforcement of this nation were ensuring a conviction, even when the overwhelming evidence which was disclosed for the public view and his defense lawyers were demonstrating his innocence in the death of the sergeant Speer. For years the former Minister of Corrections, Mr. Vic Towes, he tried to discredit the young Omar Khadr as a dangerous terrorist, a person who represents public concern or about his mental health for some reason! The honorable Minister, perhaps he was ready to continue with the same psychological and physical mistreatment in the gulags which was under his jurisdiction! The torture in the jails of this nation were proved with facts by a jury in the Coroner inquest, let us remember one of the victims from the Minister of Corrections “Ashley Smith”.  An innocent girl who was dealing with pubertal changes, but the Corrupted Media helped the Minister of Correctional services and the government with the theory of mental illness.  Ashley Smith was mentally ill when she was jailed, if she was dealing with mental illness where is the evidence? It’s time to ask the new Minister of Corrections, Omar Khadar is safe in the Canadian Gitmos from mental torture;  also from  the  forcibly and unnecessary drugging of inmates and innocent people in  the Canadian jails? The Canadian Government and Minister of Correctional Services could you deny, that across the jails of this country does not exist torture chambers described by an inmate on the W5 program? Also could you deny that across the jails of this country, there are not tens of thousands of unknown victims which are subject to psychological torture? It is imperative that it is carried an impartial investigation on the human rights violations committed on inmates from across the nation by the guards from the Correctional Services.  

Child soldiers

In a 2003 briefing[23] for the 4th UN Security Council open debate on children and armed conflict by Human Rights Watch they state in their introduction that:
In recent years progress has been made in developing a legal and policy framework for protecting children involved in armed conflict. The Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child on children in armed conflict, which came into force in February 2002, prohibits the direct use of any child under the age of 18 in armed conflict and prohibits all use of under-18s by non-state armed groups.
Canadian Regime Free Omar Khadr Free...


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