Friday, January 10, 2014

Canadian Media: “Why Are So Many Violent State Delinquents and Children’s Aid Societies Criminals Walking Free?"

Prime Minister of this country supports and works to combat acts of terrorism in states ravaged by massacres and unnecessary deaths of innocent people.  An autopsy found Clay Willey's body had bruises, cuts and broken ribs. The evidence shows that he was brutalized, tortured and killed intentionally by the police. The torture and murder committed in Clay Willey, by the police, perhaps this is not an act of domestic terrorism, supported by the Prime Minister?

                     Police Brutality in Canada: Clay Willey Hogtied and Tasered to Death.                                                                                        A CCTV video capturing the ordeal RCMP put Clay Willey through shows hogtied man being dragged from a police car and through the RCMP detachment face down by the officers. He was then zapped with two taser stun guns at the same time as he lay with his ankles and hands tied behind his back by an elevator shaft.                                                                                                                      An autopsy found Clay Willey's body had bruises, cuts and broken ribs. The cause of death was cardiac arrest. He was arrested because he was causing a disturbance on the streets of Prince George after taking cocaine.                                                                                                                                      According to the enquiry to the death of Clay Willey: "Constables Graham, Fowler and Rutten utilized an appropriate level of force when effecting the arrest of Clay Willey." The report also states that: "Constables Caston and O'Donnell failed to treat Mr. Willey with the level of decency to be expected from police officers when they removed him from the police vehicle and transported him to the elevator."

That was in regards to Clay Willey being dragged out of the police car by his feet and then dragged across the hallway face down with his hands and feet tied.                                                                                                                                                                   Since despite restraints, and high on cocaine, Clay Willey continued to struggle, constables Caston and O'Donnell simultaneously zapped him with their tasers, rendering him unconscious. RCMP officers didn't think Clay Willey was in immediate danger, so they didn't call for medical assistance quickly enough. By the time the ambulance arrived, Clay Willey had suffered several cardiac arrests and died en route to the hospital.

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