Thursday, November 28, 2013


The Canadian mass media are accomplices of brutal crimes, committed everyday by the Canadian judiciary, in the criminal and family courts across the country. The so called circus trials, in many cases has been heard under total intimidation; where is ignored the rule of law by the butchers judges. Also is very common for these magistrates, to be part of cover up of crimes against humanity, despite the overwhelming evidence which repose in their possession. The conspiracy to conceal heinous crimes, committed by the state institutions and societies, the judiciary and the Canadian mass media are part of the impunity in this country. I will bring awesome evidence for public knowledge, showing how the authorities have failed to act and the Canadian judiciary system, have ignored, for too long their own responsibilities, in the crimes against humanity.         

Canadian Justice Delayed (or Denied?) Byron Prior 2009 Pt 1

Byron Prior's 40-year struggle to bring to justice high level political and legal figures in Newfoundland, Canada, who sexually abused his family.

This is the latest developments to Byron Prior's case where high ranking government officials molested and abused him and his family when they were children!!! Now the case continues over 40 years later with the abuse continuing, cover ups continuing, corruption continuing with the Newfoundland/Canadian government. Please see and hear the latest developments as Byron explains what is taking place now in 2009 with the "judicial system" and how they continue to corruptly fabricate 'get out of jail free cards' for themselves while refusing to do what is necessary to see that true justice prevails!


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