Monday, November 11, 2013


Canadian  Mass Media: Commemorate “Remembrance Day”

CANADIAN  MASS MEDIA: What the mass media offers is not popular art, but entertainment which is intended to be consumed like food, forgotten, and replaced by a new dish.                         W. H. Auden                                                                                                     The world is discovering the alarming details of the organized crime scheme conducted by the Catholic Church against over 20,000 children in Quebec (Canada) who were tortured and used in human experiments. These children are now known as the DUPLESSIS ORPHANS.

The types of crimes committed along with the catholic institutions were they were conducted include:

(1.) Saint-Jean-de-Dieu Psychiatric Hospital Run by the Sisters of Providence
... Incinerators (Orphans testified being experimented on by ... doctors) All Orphans deaths were investigated by the Hospital Police Only, (no reports, no death certificates, No markers) Selling of bodies to the Universities.


(2.) Saint Michel Archange Hospital - Run by the Sisters of Charity of Quebec ...
Lobotomies, murder, Torture, Medical experiments done in their Psychiatric Sanatorium Wing,

... children were lobotomized and degraded worse than an animal.

(3.) Saint-Julien Psychiatric Hospital - Run by the Sisters of Charity of Quebec
Saint-Ferdinand d'Halifax Comté Mégantic (Bernierville) Canada

....placed orphans in cells for years, sexual abuse, murder, experimental drugs, straitjacketed, Torture example:

Myriam Kelly of Drummondville,(Quebec) at ages of 4,5,6, a Nun plunged a leg of a chair in her rectum, Myriam was beaten with a chain by three Nun's in a cell, at age of 16, Myriam Kelly was in a cell for a long time, decided that she would let herself die, she stopped eating, a Nun from the Sisters of Charity of Quebec noticed she didn't touch her porridge, warned her if she didn't eat when she came back that she would shoved a mouse down her throat, Religious Order came back shortly to find that the porridge was not touched, the Nun called out to some real psychopaths to hold her down and holding her mouth open shoved a mouse down her throat, Myriam Kelly is still alive and told her story.

(4.) Sainte Anne Psychiatric Hospital, Baie Saint Paul - Run by the Little Franciscans of Mary

....Transported illegally thousands of Canadian/Quebec Duplessis Orphans across the US border to fill their US institutions and use them as Guinea pigs for medical experiments ...

(5.) The Verdun Protestant Hospital Montreal
...Dr.Heinz Lehmann came to Canada in 1937 from Germany, bringing with him a powerful drug Chlorpromazine, known in french Quebec as Largactil what they gave to the Duplessis Orphans as early as the mid-forties, but Health Canada gave permission to use this powerful drug only in 1957, known in the States as Thorazine,
he worked doing experiments on orphans for 26 years with this piece of paper, no check up by the Canadian goverment, nobody even knows if he was a doctor in the first place.

...and many more.


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