Tuesday, November 5, 2013


     “My combative spirit”

“This is my combative spirit”

As a warning message to the peoples of the world
I swear, once again to my God , I do not for the Queen
I will irradiate your honorable court, full of excrement and destruction,
until their sacred temples of iniquity will be eternally trembling.
                                                                                                                                                                 Como un mensaje de advertencia para los pueblos del mundo:
Lo juro, una vez más por mi Dios, no lo hago para la Reina
Voy a irradiar sus tribunales honorables, de excrementos y destrucción,
Hasta que sus templos sagrados, de iniquidades estarán eternamente temblando. 

"The Canadian Media, Authorities, and fortune hunters are using the Mayor of Toronto; as a scapegoat to cover up the crimes against humanity committed in this country"                                                           

  Mr Mayor Rob Ford the Robin Hood of  the n city of Toronto                                                         The Mayor of Toronto Mr. Rob Ford; he admitted and apologized publicly that; he smoked and had committed some mistakes in the past. But now the question is: The Canadian media are ready, to bring to the consciousness of the Canadian public and the world; the crimes against humanity committed in children and parents; by the Judiciary, the Societies and the Police? Latin American governments they brought to justice the monsters who committed human rights violations in the “Operation Condor”. Let us to ask, why the mass media and the Canadian authorities are helping to cover up the heinous crimes committed in the Residential Schools, Children’s Aid Societies, and Police executions!

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