Saturday, June 22, 2013

A Message for Our Brothers throughout the Planet

                                                                                                                          Canadian Regime and politicians cannot blame the parents for the bad behavior and heinous crimes committed by young teenagers?
Where are the Canadian fascist media? Oh! Canada our home and native land ... Sons and Daughters of this brutal system ...Canadian Parents cannot teach the children their traditions and cultural values ​​... White Lunatic North how many rotten slogans preach the government institutions and the fascist mass media ... Slogans from a system dedicated to protect the family? "For the best interests of children" Teens showing the teachings from the system with ... Repulsive images of abuse and cruelty against homeless people ... Many vulnerable victims destroyed by this cruel and inhuman system ... Mr. Prime Minister, Canadian political parties: The parents are responsible for these heinous acts of violence. Or perhaps they are living in constant fear from the terror of 911, school social workers, the police, the regime and its political band. Mr. Minister of Family and Social Services; who owns the Canadian children? You and your criminal institutions own our children? Is true that our children are property from the industrial state business and private society’s family annihilation? It is a slander when I mention that corrupt judges in the family and criminal courtrooms are committing crimes of lesa humanity on children and parents? Well the people of the world will witness the criminal actions of young Canadians and will have their own opinion about these crimes and to whom to blame Mr. Government.

Friday June 21, 2013 - 9:47 pm at St Clair Ave West, east of Runnymede Street. Police triggers threatening my life, for the location of the incident they were Guardian angels from the 11 Division.                    


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