Wednesday, June 5, 2013


  Mass Media:  I KEEP READING BETWEEN THE LIES - Goodman Ace 
WHITE LUNATIC NORTH: Finally, the public can have their own way of analyzing and judging the situation of the tenants of public housing, seniors and mothers with children who for years have been confined, abused and tortured mentally in the unhealthy crypts of provincial government housing by provincial government workers and police force. The mental health of these helpless victims succumbed to the excessive brutality of the Provincial Minister of Housing workers, the sadist (GESTAPO) police and the impunity of the fascist mass media.                                                                                                   

                                             CANADA CRYPTS FOR SENIORS                                                                                                     THE LACK OF AFFORDABLE HOUSING IN CANADA IS CATASTROPHIC                              Third world countries are protecting their citizens with adequate housing. Canada a first world country, one of the world's richest nations is neglecting, abusing and mistreating public housing tenants and homeless people across the country. The Federal and Provincial Government are responsible for housing and protecting the poor and dispossessed with suitable accommodation.                                                                                                      THE SAME SITUATION IS HAPPENING IN CANADA

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