Wednesday, February 20, 2013



Day after day were hiding state crimes
Committed by the beasts, on injured workers
Now we will tell our dreadful stories
Filled of terror, horror and misery

The government, the mass media and authorities;
Cannot hide anymore, the terrible massacres
Because, the blood of the workers was shed
Everywhere by the Nazis of the Compensation Board

Those guilty delinquents of heinous crimes
Sacrificing injured workers and their families
For money, promotions, luxuries and per Diem
Personality and conscience that is patrimony of criminals

          Worker's Compensation Board - The Canadian Nazis Concentration Camp…
 This time I have a reason to write and denounce the horrible crimes committed by the Worker’s Compensation Board of Ontario, the bloodshed, the torture, the infamy and ill treatment by the compensation workers against injured workers. I would like to bring not only my personal testimony also testimonies from others injured workers, perhaps with words they can describe their awful experiences at the hands of the Compensation Board tormentors. The injured workers survivors are calling for justice and vindication of our rights, for how long we can live with the Worker’s Compensation “propaganda” about the famous services for injured workers, when all the ads in the mass media is merely a farce. Also I would like to ask the government of Ontario and authorities, why the name of “Worker’s Compensation Board was changed to Workplace Health, Safety and Compensation” And Why the brutal Downsview Rehabilitation Center were closed.

Injuries, mental, physical torture and poverty dominated for decades the lives of hundreds of thousands of Injured Workers in Canada. The Worker's Compensation criminals committed the most evil crimes against injured workers and their families for many decades. Finally I will bring to the public the crimes against humanity, committed by the Worker’s Compensation Board, workers and the fearful Downsview Rehabilitation Center more commonly known as Nazi Concentration Camp. This place was a Center of medieval torture, where tens of thousands of injured workers were destroyed for live.

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