Tuesday, February 26, 2013



TO SERVE & PROTECT   OR “OPERATION CONDOR”                                                                                                                                                                          We are witnessing indescribable brutality, horrors, unnecessary beatings and murders of innocent citizens at the hands of the police force. Ill treatment and killing of detainees by the law enforcement officials around the country is well documented by the victims, public, courts and the Office of the Attorney general. The most regular offences committed by the police consist in the intimidation and beatings of detainees on arrest or during interrogation. All the victims of police brutality are unable to file criminal charges before the courts, because the intimidation and corruption of justices of peace. Among the police victims in this country are small children, women, seniors, political activists and disadvantaged people. Also we are facing the incompetence and corruption for part of the judges from the judiciary system, the trials of the police who have committed assaults and murders go unpunished and the beatings and assassinations of minority’s people are quickly forgotten.

 POLICE INVESTIGATING POLICE IS CAUSING PUBLIC OUTRAGE                                                                          

For how long the ruthless police can also control the torture centers and hospitals. In Toronto several hospitals, like the Queen St. Mental Center, St Joseph and Sunnybrook hospitals became particularly known for their intent to assassinate and torture people.  Also the job of the police is to kidnap small children and to subject to torture in the police foster homes, we have irrefutable prove and evidence  of their bestiality against vulnerable children.
The failure of the Canadian Government, Judiciary System, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch to protect crimes committed by the police, societies and other government institutions; makes us to rely in our determination to denounce to the world the crimes against humanity committed in this country.      

                            SCHOOL OF THE AMERICAS


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