Monday, February 18, 2013


Again I would like to bring the crimes committed against immigrants, and response to atrocious State Crimes, these are too terrible and unspeakable to mention, the places and to give full details of the madness employed against the victims.  However the horrors committed against us for many years we tried to forget but our brains refuse to rest in their graves, now ours experiences and stories from others will be uncovered and denounced to the world.                                                                                                   Canada State Crimes are too terrible and unspeakable to mention the places and to give full details of the ill-treatment, Canada "hidden" Crimes will be out. I remembering with my family and other victims, the horrible persecution, brutality and torture, psychological trauma that we survived to tell our stories in an emotional manner. We are survivors of Canada institutions atrocities; we are survivors with determination to live and looking for justice and the recovery of our psychological distress. The wounds inflicted in our bodies, the lack of peace in our minds and souls, it's painful for the victims of state crimes. Who can make accountable of crimes against humanity the perpetrators, because perpetrators do everything in their power to forgetting and bury their vicious crimes. How many times I was forced for my executioners to keep in secrecy and silence horrible crimes, that I know everywhere in this country, my psychological agony, the physical pain and our daily struggle to escape from ours tormentors. Now when I have overcome the criminal attack, credibility as a victim of crimes, they cannot silence me absolute, I know that somebody finally is listening. After every atrocity committed in my children and family I have to expect to hear only apologies for crimes against humanity, to listen the victims are lying or to forget the past and move on.

I would like to denounce; I saw how hundreds of children, women and men were mentally destroyed by different government institutions and the societies; I do not why; I never succumbed to the mental torture legacy of this country to destroy children and families, or the medieval and modern methods of torture.                                                                                                                                                                                  Until Until now; I never brought to the public the chilling experiences at the hands of the Worker's Compensation Board, Police, Society’s Workers, Butcher Judges, Hospital Doctors and Prison Guards a phoneme in this country that has credibility and is real. Canadian WORKER'S COMPENSATION BOARD - EXPOSED

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